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USAID and Ofi have invested $8.1 million in the Peruvian coffee industry


USAID – The United States Agency for International Development and the global food ingredients company Ofi have partnered to create a $8.1 million fund. This huge budget focuses on the Peruvian coffee industry. To find out specific goals, let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee!


An investment fund of 8.1 million USD brings the Peruvian coffee industry to the high-end market


USAID is providing financial support for a five-year collaborative project to boost the specialty coffee industry in Peru while boosting production and income for small-scale coffee farmers. An investment fund of 8.1 million USD by Ofi and the US Agency for International Development is part of this project.

According to Ofi, the investment will be funded for activities related to agricultural extension services, infrastructure, certification, increased production, quality improvement and access to the premium green coffee market. Massive funding could help attract more farmers to join the Peruvian coffee industry. Fully supported farms allow them to enhance coffee quality, focus innovation and meet standards for specialty coffee markets. Additionally, USAID and Ofi rely on a structured partnership to scale the fund and its positive impact on roasters and customers. This provides opportunities to expand relationships and business opportunities with local partners to help promote sustainable industry practices.

Nghiên cứu định chuẩn thu nhập cho nông dân trồng cà phê


The investment helps more than 1,000 farmers in the Peruvian coffee industry increase their income


Since ancient times, in Peruvian coffee growing regions, coffee is often grown using organic methods but most of it does not have a certification label. Good quality but no supporting documents lead to many coffee farms in Peru being restricted from exporting to many countries and not being highly appreciated. So, one of the core focuses of this project will be to help smallholder farmers access specialty coffee markets through quality improvement and sustainability certification. “By helping these farmers qualify for organic and sustainable certification to facilitate their entry into premium markets,” said Jene Thomas of USAID.

In addition, the partnership will help farmers stay competitive despite international price fluctuations, thereby increasing their incomes and motivating them to continue to pursue legitimate livelihoods. As expected results, the project is expected to benefit about 1,000 small-scale coffee farmers in the Junín coffee growing area in central Peru over the five-year program period.

Economic sustainability in the coffee industry

Peruvian coffee farms are mainly small-scale but all operate with a focus on quality. If you want to experience the aromatic coffee beans in this land, try Finca El Lechero #130 and Finca Rosenheim H200 from XLIII Coffee – A specialty coffee supplier developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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