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Extremely light – transform but still be original

Through thorough research, 43 Factory Coffee Roasters selected Extremely Light as the right roasting level to fully describe the characteristics of coffee beans.

Mức độ rang mà Xưởng sử dụng là Extremely Light

 Extremely Light


Changes in coffee when we roast it


Coffee roasting is the process of heating raw coffee beans so that they become more crispy beans that we can grind and prepare.

Before roasting, the beans often have an aroma that is almost like beans or grass. The substances and flavors inside the coffee beans are only released when the beans are roasted. 43 Factory’s coffee flavor is determined entirely by the plant variety and primary processing method. Therefore, the taste that we feel from coffee is the flavor that comes from the farm, processing station, and roasting process.

Meanwhile, the coffee beans change:

– The color of the beans will change from green to yellow, light brown, and finally, black depending on the roast level selected

– Almost doubled in size and halved in volume, the seeds became more spongy and brittle.

– Formation of 800 to 1000 flavor compounds, then significantly reduced by roasting for too long.

– Crack when they release steam & other gases.


Extremely Light


43 Factory chooses a completely new roasting method, called “Extremely Light”. At this level, coffee beans are roasted at a temperature ranging from 189-194 degrees Celsius, depending on the development of each bean type, significantly lower than the intensity typically used for Medium Roast or Dark Roast. When the coffee reaches the point of the first crack, the roaster can assess the degree and, based on that, determine the appropriate time to discharge the beans. Depending on the structure of each coffee variety, the time from the development at the first crack to the discharge of the coffee from the chamber will vary, usually within a one-minute range. This ensures that the coffee beans achieve a uniform level of roasting and develop based on the original flavors from the growing region.

The key factor to determine the success of Extremely Light is the quality and purity of the seed. Because by using the Extremely Light roasting method, almost all of the inherent flavor characteristics of the seeds will still be preserved almost completely. The taste of excellent coffee beans is only released by skillful roasting.


Reasons why 43 Factory chose Extremely Light


Extremely Light exploits the unique features of each type of coffee fully. During the roasting process, the temperature is adjusted quite low, approximately 194 degrees Celsius, just enough to make coffee beans. The process takes only 8-9 minutes. Therefore, the chemical reactions and physical changes that occur inside the eggplant. It will not have too much effect on the constitutive connection structures inside the coffee beans. So, the flavor will be revealed, not mixed with other flavors arising during the roasting process when at too high a temperature.

Through this unique roasting, all the characteristics and flavors of each type of coffee are separated and cannot be mixed.

Màu sắc là biểu hiện rõ nhất cho từng mức độ rang cà phê

Different colors of extremely light


Extremely Light preserves the original taste


Each coffee-growing region is proud of its perfect quality coffee varieties. At Extremely Light, roasters will not need to intervene or use too much technique during the roasting process. With their sophistication, they meticulously preserve the beauty of each tomato seed, protecting the original value. So the taste of coffee is determined by its characteristics.

Today, there are many varieties of high-quality coffee. Farmers always know how to innovate, apply a variety of coffee farm models, and limit and eliminate pests thoroughly, so the quality of green kernels is increasingly guaranteed and quality. Gradually the Extremely Light roast level will lead the trend in the future as the quality of green coffee beans is tempered day by day.

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