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The link between coffee price and sustainability


What is the relationship between coffee price and sustainability? At first hearing, people often think there is no connection between these two concepts. But in fact, they have a reciprocal relationship, affecting each other. 


Definition of coffee price and sustainability


Sustainability in coffee is the maintenance of many factors, from price, to supply chain, environmental issues, or social impacts.

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Sustainability and price are essential factors for the coffee industry. And of course, the faces of the part will have to have a connection so that they do not deviate from the orbit. Thus, they will form an interaction with each other, to help and build. How is the relationship between these two factors expressed? Find the answer in the next section of this article.


The link between coffee price and sustainability: Interactions


Coffee prices and sustainability are closely linked and influence each other.


Coffee price creates sustainability


Sustainability in coffee is a broad concept, covering many aspects, including economics. Prices are stable, economic indicators will always be at a guaranteed level of operation. When the foundation is strong enough, the quality of life is high enough, and the awareness level and operational processes of the culture, politics and economy also step up toward the overall sustainability of the whole system.

Positive sustainability is made up of many different factors, including price and market volatility. For the coffee industry, stable coffee prices create a premise for the economic system and supply chain to operate effectively. Sustainability is built from equitable, accurate, transparent and effective development on an ethical foundation.

For each individual in the coffee supply chain, price and sustainability have different shaping effects:

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

With the farmer

The coffee industry is a difficult industry. At present, many farms and households have to face unsafe living conditions to stick to their jobs. In the process of accompanying coffee beans, farmers have to endure many hardships to create the right growing conditions: Altitude, water volume,… There are coffee beans that grow at an altitude of more than 1500 meters above sea level, farmers have to take the sprouts up high hills to cultivate them. Moving is always risky. Even if they can be brought up to the right height, pests and other problems are always problems that need to be faced and dealt with. Having a full crop is the result of a lot of effort.

The stage of harvesting and preliminary processing, of course, is not much less tiring. Farmers have to choose the standard coffee beans themselves for preliminary processing. How many fresh beans is how much the farmer’s hard sweat. But that’s also why it is possible to create quality coffees, achieving high scores on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale.

If these efforts only yield low costs, would these farmers still want to maintain such standard conditions? At that time, of course, the quality of the coffee will not be sustainable. This leads to unsustainable supply sources.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

With merchants

The essence of business is profit. If the price of coffee is not guaranteed, very few traders will choose it as a commodity to trade and exchange. Without intermediaries, coffee will be difficult to reach consumers. The path of coffee beans – users will face a series of difficulties and challenges. This will probably be a crack in the sustainability of the coffee industry.


The price of coffee is a part of sustainability


Sustainability must include an economic aspect. Economic sustainability is not simply a stable revenue but it also involves investment, ensuring market demand as well as living conditions for workers. The economy here is not just a single unit but the parties involved in the process of coffee production and business.

So if you can’t drive prices, then what’s the foundation for sustainability?


Sustainability will keep the high coffee price


When coffee has sustainability, it means it’s sustainable in terms of: Quality, ecology. A coffee bean that is both healthy, aromatic, diverse and environmentally friendly, there is no reason not to earn a high price.

A specific example is Gesha Panama coffee – the most expensive coffee in the world. With fragrant coffee beans scored from 85 points or more on the SCA scale, Gesha has been sold at a sky-high price. You can check this information at the article: The price of Gesha coffee breaks records in Panama

In this day and age, consumers will become more demanding in the products they use. Only safe, clear and “delicious” coffee cups will people decide to buy. This also means that if the source of coffee really meets the tastes of customers, people will pay for their money to satisfy their preferences. Just like beautiful, talented girls, there are always considerate and caring guys around. Sustainable coffee beans will be applauded and celebrated whose first manifestation is the price.


43 Factory Coffee Roaster always tries to preserve the link between coffee price and sustainability


Although it is only a small intermediary in the supply chain with the goal of bringing the taste of specialty coffee to everyone, the Workshop is always aware of its responsibility in the overall development of the entire industry.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster adheres to the correlation between coffee price and sustainability by importing clear, transparent and qualified coffee beans. This sounds easy, but it really isn’t. If every supplier makes a standard purchase, sustainability in coffee comes too easily. Many places still buy low-quality coffee beans for profit, causing widespread fake coffee, and affecting the quality stability of genuine coffee beans.

Buying “good” goods means accepting that you have to pay a large price to pay, it will limit the number of customers and also reduce the “profits” but that’s okay. Because of the greater meaning it brings, it is for the coffee industry to develop in the right direction of price-impacting sustainability and vice versa.

Come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to drink coffee that always adheres to common development!

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