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43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a roaster, located in Vietnam, bringing the third-wave-of-coffee experience to people. The goal of 43 Factory’s activities and development revolves around the term “Origin”: The nature of the coffee bean with core values from the Earth. That motivation and development catalyst is completely in line with the goal of “true value” that 43 Factory is always passionate about. On the way to the Origin and future, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster finds happiness and harmony between people and nature on the bridge of coffee fragrance.


Back to the roots, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster finds the value of nature. During nearly 2 years of operation, the Factory always focuses on product quality. 43 Factory uses 100% Arabica coffee beans imported directly from the motherland of coffee. Learning about the origin, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster walked on the highlands of coffee here and there, saw the core values, understood the nature of each coffee beans, and all coffee regions.

43 Factory always works with sustainable scientific–methods-using farms. Buying coffee through the auction will not only ensure the quality of farmers’ lives but also provide reasonable- priced product to the customers. All is for the sustainable development of the coffee industry.


43 Factory Coffee Roaster meticulously records everything needed to maintain the most suitable environmental conditions, so that the essence from the flavor roots remains intact in the fragile shield of coffee beans. That is what the workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster try every day, to protect the integrity of what the Factory has sought.


For 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, the original beauty of the coffee bean is the priority. Instead of the sophisticated but harsh method with the beans, the factory workers chose the Light roasting method to fully depict and describe the characteristics of the beans. Because the beans are delicious from nature. A roaster with a delicacy and care will keep the whole roots, not fussy and unchanged. The extracting process is based on the nature of coffee powder, which exploits and develops the best flavor for the cup of Specialty coffee.

Within all processes, factory workers meticulously keep the beauty of the coffee beans in mind. And when the moment of tasting coming, the heart goes silent for a moment, waits for the original coffee taste.


43 Factory Coffee Roaster invites you to join us on this journey to discover the origin of our coffee. With a diverse approach to product, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster hope our customers will enjoy the journey to discover the motherland of coffee, the story of our farms, to savor the coffee flavor, all at a comfortable space to fully emerge yourself in. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster hopes to spread the importance of the origin of each bean. Together, we will have a complete ecosystem and a sustainable industry.


The journey of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster connects true values to the passionate souls; the origin to a solid future. Origin – The invisible force pushing the gear to operate.


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that encourages creativity and fosters collaboration