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43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a roaster, who brings the third wave of coffee experience by connecting consumers with farmers from all over the world. Then, customers can develop an awareness of customer behavior, therefore promoting the quality of Vietnamese coffee industry.

In every cup of coffee, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster expects our dear friends to find out your unique value, as well as fully understand what we are working for. We wrote this story, not for an individual or a team. We sincerely foster the precious value of coffee beans as well as that of the coffee industry. We hope that with you, we all can create the convergence point of coffee values and spread true values. Because…

…. True values are things that deserve to be cherished and remembered…

43 Factory Coffee Roaster always remember!


43 Factory Coffee Roaster respects and values ​​the efforts of the farmers who have contributed to the making of coffee beans’ aroma and flavor. At a high altitude, on the fertile hillside, farmers stick their lives to specialty coffee beans. They understand the thoughts of this particular plant and take care of it throughout each season.

Their lives are partly covered under the rough exocarp of coffee beans.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster also empathizes and excited about customers’ love for the taste of coffee beans. Coffee is now a spice for human beings, sometimes can turn existence into life, and prevent life from insipid existence. Our dear friends, as well as 43 Factory, are on a journey to find true value for ourselves. And the taste of coffee has a “panacea” for that inspiring journey.

With the common denominator “coffee”, 43 Factory, therefore, connects farmers and dear friends in a dialectical chain. In which power is the working philosophy.

On the connecting journey, we continuously spread the true value of coffee beans – bringing in the work of farmers, fulfill some inspiration for the lives of dear friends. True value from the taste and flavor of the beans, with our expertise, still have the essence of the motherland and is upgraded.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster, on the journey of spreading true values, also seeks new values. We always aims to contribute as much as possible to the coffee industry through sustainable development and change from ourselves. The coffee industry should be suitable for people and must be in harmony with the environment. Because coffee is a natural gift. We always does its best to ensure that true values are truly valuable.

Conclusion for thoughts about a philosophy of life, for 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, everything is connected absolutely to everything else; and everything preserves a specific value. we lives with such a profound philosophy: “Connect the world and spread true values from coffee beans”.


We strive to build community by creating a positive environment

that encourages creativity and fosters collaboration