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Saigon coffee culture – The beauty of like-minded souls

For coffee lovers, Saigon is a rare paradise. Saigon coffee culture has become a concept so dear and close to people. After a long time, has that culture changed?


Ancient Saigon coffee culture



The first coffee trees followed the French to Vietnam in the 19th century. The main coffee bean at that time was Robusta. Coffee has a strong, bitter flavor that has influenced the way Vietnamese people enjoy it for a long time.

Coffee has been a part of Saigonese culture for nearly a hundred years now. Since it was first introduced to Vietnam from the French in the second half of the nineteenth century. Over time and many changes, the city has changed its name, but the coffee is still the same.

Unlike the usual morning coffee habit in the West, Saigon people drink coffee whenever they want. It is not difficult to see people from all directions sitting on certain sidewalks, leisurely enjoying a cup of iced coffee with the daily newspaper.

Above all, coffee is also an invitation to start a story. The saying “Go for a coffee!” become a subtle invitation.


Specialty coffee in Saigon coffee culture



Before Specialty coffee was available, iced milk coffee was the most attractive “specialty” of this place. The song “Saigon iced milk coffee, still like that, who drinks it or not!” was too familiar. The thought that no other drink could replace its throne in the hearts of the people of Saigon.

Currently, the demand for Specialty coffee, also known as specialty coffee, is increasing. Original coffee shines with the very essence of its taste. That pure, unmixed flavor is preserved in every cup of coffee by truly passionate souls.

In Craft Coffee, author Jessica Easto said: “I believe that coffee is a craft, and that coffee enthusiasts are artisans.”


Experience authentic specialty coffee in Saigon at XLIII Coffee


XLIII Coffee is where you will enjoy the full value of specialty coffee with the sophistication of premium beans and the start-up stories of manufacturers and supply chains. Every drop of specialty coffee is pure extracted from high-quality coffee beans. Seeds are carefully selected in each plot of each farming household using organic methods, taking advantage of the inherent advantages of the local soil and climate. They absorb specific nutrients and naturally develop valuable qualities of the variety, making the scent layers all pure and characteristic of the place of growth.

In addition, when drinking specialty coffee at XLIII Coffee, you are also provided with full information about the origin, production, and processing methods of the ingredients in the cup. Workers – XLIII Coffee’s baristas will be dedicated and ready to accompany you throughout the experience. They will share with you their passion, inspirational stories, and small memoirs of workers in lands beyond the border and feel all the specialties in each sip of coffee.

Cà phê đặc sản Peru tại Đà Nẵng

The specialty coffee flavor at XLIII Coffee is delicate and original

In the words of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, they are artists. They are looking at coffee from an artistic perspective. They desire to experience the original taste of Specialty coffee. Therefore, more and more people choose Specialty coffee to learn about this industry. There are also many more shops and baristas focusing on the process of growing, extracting, and sourcing original quality ingredients. Hopefully, quality Specialty coffee beans will come closer to consumers, raising the level of Vietnamese coffee culture.

Saigon coffee culture is an unpretentious but extremely persistent culture.

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