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Zero Waste Coffee Festival – discover the intricacies of a cup of coffee


The Zero Waste Coffee Festival organized by WFA will take place right next month. The theme revolves around environmental issues, zero waste not only recycling but also covering the entire life cycle of products from production to consumption. Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Zero Waste Coffee Festival coming up in Portland


WFA – Oregon-based Waste-Free Advocates nonprofit with reusable cup company Okapi Reusables Construction of the Zero Waste Coffee Festival is underway. The event focuses on the purpose of preserving value, minimizing environmental impact and protecting natural resources in the coffee industry Buckman Coffee Factory co-roaster and event space.

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The detailed schedule of the Zero Waste Coffee Festival


The Zero Waste Coffee Festival promises to be an attractive playground for coffee enthusiasts around the world. The itinerary runs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. including tastings from six local roasters, an educational workshop from industry experts, an in-depth Q&A session, and an exciting roaster tour. taste. The main schedule is as follows:

9:00 – Coffee tasting

9:40 – Kicking off with the theme: Cutting Waste in the Coffee World- A Few Changes to Big Impact with speakers Jocelyn SyCip, Nossa Familia and Kate Lor, Clinton Street Coffeehouse

10:00 – Main Workshop: Coffee is complicated- From politics to brands, what’s behind your cup with three coffee experts Baylee Engberg of Ally Coffee, Cassy Gleason of Marigold Coffee and Jen Hurd by Genuine Origin.

10:40 – Coffee tasting and Buckman factory tour

11:10 – Discussion with topic: Raising the profile of women in the coffee industry- From farm to cafe featuring Jen Hurd of Genuine Origin, Sarah Witter of Fetch Coffee Roasters

11:25 – Discussion on the topic: Soil regeneration – The key to the future of coffee with speaker Sebastian Villamizar from Futura Coffee Roasters

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11:45- Lottery winner announced (Must be present to win)If you love and want to experience sustainable specialty coffees, visit XLIII Coffee – The specialty coffee brand from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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