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Drinking weight loss coffee leads to bitter outcomes for many


There was a time when weight loss coffee became a craze, leading many to believe in its miraculous effects. With the desire to lose weight quickly without exercise or dieting, many people, especially women, fell for the enticing promises of sellers, only to face bitter consequences. Not only did they fail to lose weight, but they also experienced serious health consequences. Let’s review some of the repercussions of drinking weight loss coffee with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.


Weight loss coffee floods the market


A few months ago, a type of weight loss coffee called Go Coffee emerged on the market with enticing claims, targeting women by promising safe weight loss. Just by using one sachet after meals, it purportedly aids in digestion, limits the absorption of harmful substances, etc. Eager to believe, many people purchased it with hopes of regaining their figure.”

Drinking weight loss coffee leads to bitter outcomes for manyWeight loss coffee is advertised with miraculous effects, promising rapid weight loss

“However, after examining the ingredients, the Ho Chi Minh City Public Health Institute issued a warning letter regarding the quality of Go Coffee weight loss products. Specifically, the institute discovered four samples of Max Health Go Coffee labeled as ‘Insert Coffee to begin,’ with production and expiry dates as follows: Manufacturing date: 7/3/2022, Expiry date: 7/3/2024; Manufacturing date: 18/3/2022, Expiry date: 18/3/2024; Manufacturing date: 25/3/2022, Expiry date: 25/3/2024; Manufacturing date: 20/4/2022, Expiry date: 20/4/2022, circulating in the market containing Sibutramine.


Weight loss coffee containing the banned substance Sibutramine


Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Institute of Digestive Surgery, Head of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Department, Military Central Hospital 108, stated that weight loss products containing sibutramine have been banned for use in many countries.

Sibutramine is a type of weight loss drug that works by suppressing appetite and enhancing satiety after meals. This drug can reduce food intake and increase fat burning, effectively aiding weight loss.

However, sibutramine can cause many health hazards if used incorrectly or for long periods. Some side effects of sibutramine include increased blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, headache, seizures, skin rash, nausea, vomiting, constipation… and other dangerous complications.


Bitter consequences of drinking weight loss coffee


Military Central Hospital 108 has admitted many cases of illnesses caused by drinking weight loss coffee. Some patients were hospitalized in a state of unconsciousness, subsequently leaving behind lifelong consequences.”

Drinking weight loss coffee leads to bitter outcomes for manyMany people experience health issues after using weight loss coffee for a period of time

The aftermath of weight loss coffee leaves much to be desired, as users often ‘invite’ various dangerous illnesses. Ms. Ngoc Ha (35 years old, Hanoi) had to be urgently hospitalized after two weeks of use due to a perpetually dry throat, bitter taste in the mouth, diarrhea, constant nervous tension, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, and irregular menstruation. After examination, Ms. Ha was diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, cerebral circulation disorder, and acute gastritis.

Ms. Hoai Thu (39 years old, Hai Duong) managed to lose 5kg after a month of using the product, but it came at the cost of her health. She experienced symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and fainting while working. Worse still, after experiencing these symptoms for several days, she started vomiting blood, sometimes black, sometimes fresh blood, prompting her family to rush her to the emergency room. Doctors concluded that Ms. Thu had gastric bleeding and a large perforation in the major curvature of the stomach, requiring complete removal of the stomach followed by gastric bypass surgery.

Thus, weight loss coffee advertised as being 100% herbal has been found to contain banned substances that seriously affect users’ health. People should not trust popular products only to end up losing both money and health. Weight loss cannot be achieved overnight as promised by sellers. To maintain a healthy figure, people should have a balanced diet and moderate exercise routine.


The slimming effect of coffee


A cup of pure black coffee, which many people enjoy, contains caffeine that stimulates physical activity, aids digestion, and has a low-calorie content, which can assist in weight loss and exercise routines. Therefore, black coffee is often favored by many gym-goers. Drinking it before a workout session (after having a light meal) can enhance workout efficiency.

=> Caffeine in coffee can support your weight management process, but its success depends heavily on your diet and exercise routine. Coffee only plays a role as a reasonable and beneficial beverage.

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has provided readers with the serious consequences of drinking weight loss coffee. Therefore, people should not trust advertised products claiming to aid in weight loss without clear verification. Opt for safe and scientific weight loss methods to ensure health!

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