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How does the roasting process affect the body of a cup of coffee?


When you taste the coffee, you will feel a coating on the oral cavity that is light, delicate or heavy and long like butter. That is the coffee body. Its texture and consistency will largely depend on the roaster’s method of roasting. So how does the roasting process affect the body of a cup of coffee? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The longer the roasting time, the heavier the body of the cup of coffee


Green coffee beans contain hundreds of organic and inorganic compounds and they act like a small reactor. During the roasting process, the heat and pressure from the heat will change the coffee in every way. The longer the beans are roasted, the more physical and chemical changes occur, including the movement of oil compounds. High pressure causes the density of beans to decrease continuously, the amount of water converted to gas changes the structure of the coffee cell wall from hard to plastic. Oil and compounds react with each other, moving from the center of the cell towards the surface of the coffee bean, causing oil secretion, resulting in a heavier coffee body.

In particular, the longer the seed development time after the first crack, the darker and smoother the body. The overall lengthening allows the crack to appear more slowly. The beans stay in the oven longer, increasing the chemical reaction, the more oil is pushed to the surface, causing the thick texture to create a rich, smooth texture for the cup of coffee.

Quá trình rang ảnh hưởng đến body tách cà phê


Controlling the roasting profile makes the body of the cup soft and smooth


Roasting is a tool that can be used to transform aspects of the grain and flavor such as sweetness and acidity. It all depends on how well you understand the coffee, the desired configuration and the final product, and the choices you make when it comes to getting there. Choosing the right roasting configuration for each coffee variety helps to control the change of the beans to create a stable and harmonious coffee cup texture. For example, naturally processed Brazilian coffee is known for its sweetness, chocolate flavor, and heavier flavor. So, adjusting the roasting temperature to enhance the consistency will make the perfect cup of coffee. With honey-pre-processed Costa Rica beans with notes of caramel and sugar, you can roast more for a soft, silky body. Or according to Maren Ernst – owner of Ernst Kaffeeroster (Germany), to get a more aromatic coffee body from Kenyan beans, roasters must be very careful to adjust the high heat ratio from the beginning because of the acidic nature of the beans. Plus, make sure the growing time isn’t too harsh to optimize body acidity and sweetness. The longer growing process after the first crack will lead to the production of strengthening polymers as well as forcing the oil to rise to the bean and make the coffee body heavier.

Quá trình rang ảnh hưởng đến body tách cà phê


Tips to adjust the roasting process to have the perfect cup of coffee


Each stage that takes place in the brewing process can increase or decrease the strength of the coffee body. Adjusting the roasting curve to change the time of first appearance of the Maillard crack also contributes to the taste and body. For most specialty coffee beans, you can extend this period to add weight without sacrificing the original rich flavor. Or prolonging the overall roasting time may be possible. creates the first crack later allowing the sweetness and richness of the coffee body to develop.

However, prolonging the roasting time or prolonging the Maillard Reaction can also lead to burnt coffee creating unpleasant taste defects such as bread, oats, etc. This is often the case. when the grain takes too long to reach the first crack. At this time, coffee beans are growing rapidly, chemical reactions take place rapidly. The longer the first crack, the more caramelization takes place, leading to bitter sugar burning, creating a natural sweetness and causing discomfort to the body. Therefore, if you have to pay close attention to the grain situation in this first crack stage and drop the coffee out of the roaster quickly to avoid caramelization and burning of the sugar due to excessive heat.

Quá trình rang ảnh hưởng đến body tách cà phê

The roasting process is quite complicated and it can make a cup of coffee rich or pleasantly light. Roasters need to ensure knowledge of the potential, and characteristics of the beans and roast profiles to produce delicious finished products. If you want to experience specialty coffees, visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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