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Drinking coffee helps fight prostate cancer


Prostate cancer is a “nightmare” disease for men. Among types of cancer, this is the 4th most common disease and also holds the 8th position in mortality rate. A few small habits like drinking coffee can help people beat this disease.


Common signs of prostate cancer


Prostate cancer is a common disease in men, especially over the age of 50. In the early stages, the signs of the disease are not clear so it is difficult to recognize, usually those who come for examination are already in the advanced stage. difficult to treat and easy to die.

Below are some common symptoms of prostate cancer:

– Difficulty urinating, frequent urination.

– Urine contains blood but usually the amount of blood is minimal, it is difficult to detect with the naked eye and requires testing (microscopic hematuria).

– The prostate is larger than normal and a hard nucleus can be felt. To know, you need to put your hand into the anus to examine.

– When the disease progresses, symptoms such as Erectile dysfunction may occur, the patient may not be able to get an erection or keep it long enough; Swollen feet.

– Urinary incontinence or urinary retention; Bone pain or broken bones when experiencing a minor injury…

As the cancer progresses, the patient has symptoms of urinary disorders. The late stage has symptoms of bone pain, back pain, leg swelling…


Drinking coffee can prevent prostate cancer



Drinking coffee regularly can reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Through research, scientists have concluded that drinking coffee can prevent prostate cancer.

In 2017, the International Journal of Cancer published a study conducted on nearly 7,000 men in Italy. Scientists surveyed coffee drinking habits and tracked prostate cancer incidence over 4 years. ‏The results showed that men who drank 3 or more cups a day had a 53% reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to men who did not drink coffee or drank 1-2 cups a day.

In 2020, the medical journal BMJ Open published the results of a study discovering a link between coffee consumption and reducing the risk of prostate cancer by scientists from China Medical University (Shenyang). , China). Scientists looked at data from more than 1 million men in North America, Europe and Japan, of whom 57,732 had prostate cancer. Up to 15 reports compared the highest levels of coffee consumption with the lowest levels of consumption, ranging above 2 cups of coffee per day.‏

‏The results show that those who consume the most coffee can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 9-12% compared to those who drink the least coffee. Every cup of coffee has the potential to help men reduce their risk of prostate cancer. Not only that, coffee also contributes to reducing the growth of cancer cells in patients with prostate cancer. Specifically, compared to the group that drank less coffee, men who drank a lot of coffee could reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer by up to 16%.


Why does drinking coffee reduce the risk of prostate cancer?


According to Dr. Kefeng Wang, of China Medical University, the reason is that coffee improves glucose metabolism, reduces insulin levels in color, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and affects blood sugar levels. sex hormone levels. All of these factors contribute to preventing and reducing the development of prostate cancer.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which prevent cell damage and reduce inflammation. At the same time, scientists from Kanazawa University (Japan) have also determined that kahweol acetate and cafestol, natural hydrocarbon compounds found in Arabica coffee, can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer.

Whether drinking coffee contains caffeine or not, this effect remains the same.

Above, the News section has just sent readers the effect of drinking coffee in preventing prostate cancer. Drinking coffee regularly every day can bring many unexpected health benefits: Increased energy and concentration; AIDS digestion; and reduced risk of certain diseases;… Follow us for more useful information!

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