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Unique and quality Christmas gifts at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster


Did you know the unique and quality Christmas gifts at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster? Another Christmas season is coming very close, if you are still having a headache because you do not know what gifts to give your loved ones, please refer to the list below!


Fresh Christmas gift


You are used to giving clothes, cosmetics, … on Christmas. This year, let’s change to a drink that is both strange and familiar to Vietnamese people – Specialty Coffee. Why is coffee a drink that is both strange and familiar?

For a long time, coffee has been present and holds an important position in the culinary culture of Vietnamese people. We often sip coffee to keep awake all day or to relax every evening after work. Coffee is more than that when it becomes a “symbol” of affection. Just a saying “go to coffee?” has a lot of things in it. Normally, Vietnamese people are used to the bitter taste of coffee and accept that it must be bitter to be coffee. But if you care a little bit about these tiny seeds, you will realize that coffee is also a fruit, the bitterness is not inherent but it has all the layers of unique flavors. Those sweet, sour notes hidden deep inside the coffee beans are like the goodness from the bottom of a person’s heart. Give your loved one luxurious coffee boxes, bringing a floating garden of incense with the meaning of promoting the good things that are sleeping in them.

Let’s refer to the coffee boxes – A luxurious and different Christmas gift

43 Factory Coffee brings customers coffee from far away lands with energy.


Lycello sweet and delicate like a daughter of the ancient capital


Taste: Lycello will lead you to a garden full of sweet-smelling flowers with notes that gradually change in the mouth. At first, when taking small sips, you will feel the scent of lychee, gardenia and mint appearing together when separate when intertwined.

When drinking hot, you will not feel the scent of lychee, gardenia and mint, but instead a faint, gentle jasmine flower; Sweet orange and oolong tea with a bit of astringency. While everyone is playing with the fruity scent, the cup of coffee cools a bit, stops at a warm level, the lychee flavor will return, followed by a bit of sourness of lemon and tangerine.

If you are a person who likes a strong flavor, let the Lycello coffee cool down completely or serve it with ice. What you feel will be much clearer and fuller with the strong fruity aroma of “hot” longan and green apple.

>>> Lycello coffee is a great Christmas gift!

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Breed: Gesha

Harvest year: 03/2022

Origin: Republic of Panama

Farm: Ninety Plus Gesha Estates

Weight: 150g

Selling price: 2,200,000 VND



Kemgin full of vitality


Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Aroma: Lemon blossom, jasmine tea, orange

Breed: Gesha

Harvest year: 03/2022

Origin: Republic of Panama

Farm: Ninety Plus Candela Estates

Weight: 150gram

Selling price: 1,000,000 VND



Surma #077 cool and clear 


Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Aroma: Jasmine, Watermelon, Rose

Breed: Gesha

Harvest year: 02/2022

Origin: Ethiopia

Farm: Surma, Gesha Village Coffee Estate

Weight: 150gram

Selling price: 1,400,000 VND


Cerro Azul #088 is a bit sour and arrogant of youth


Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Aroma: Cantaloupe, Apple Cider, Jasmine

Breed: Gesha

Harvest year: 05/2022

Origin: Colombia

Farm: Cerro Azul, Cafe Granja La Esperanza

Weight: 150gram

Selling price: 1,700,000 VND


Samii #085 sweet and sour blend


Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Aroma: Jasmine, Orange, Strawberry Tea

Breeds: Welisho, Kurume

Harvest year: 12/2021

Origin: Ethiopia

Farm: Chelbesa

Weight: 250g

Selling price: 500,000 VND


Finca El Lechero passionate, sweet


Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Aroma: Purple plum, black currant, hibiscus

Breeds: Caturra, Yellow Caturra

Harvest year: 10/2021

Origin: Peru

Farm: Finca El Lechero

Weight: 250gram

Selling price: 500,000 VND


Kisiizi vibrant and modern


Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Aroma: Vanilla, Mint

Varieties: SL-34, SL-28, SL-14

Harvest year: 09/2021

Origin: Uganda

Farm: Kisiizi

Weight: 250gram

Selling price: 500,000 VND


How to buy at 43 Factory?


To buy quality and luxurious coffee boxes, customers can do one of two ways:

Buy directly at the store

Stores with locations in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang:

– Da Nang campus: Lot 422, Ngo Thi Sy, Bac My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district

– Ho Chi Minh City campus: 178A Pasteur, Ben Nghe ward, district 1

Shopping online

You can also choose to buy online at the website:

For any questions, please contact the hotline: 0799343943 for advice.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam


Why should you buy Christmas gifts at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster?


One thing we always confidently assure our customers is quality. Coffee beans at the factory are transparent to each farmer, the characteristics, information about taste, growing area, farming conditions, DDP price, FOB price, … are public to all customers. The factory imports the coffee batches with the closest harvest time to keep the fresh taste as well as the “standard” of the notes.

The roasting method that 43 Factory chooses is extremely light, which preserves most of the original, original notes in each bean.

When buying here, you will be guided on how to prepare. The Worker is always dedicated to fulfill the requirements of customers. If you like pre-ground coffee, please notify the Workshop for service.

Equally important is the product packaging. Products are packaged beautifully and elegantly. Each square, sturdy coffee box is very suitable for use as a gift, showing the respect and affection of the giver.

Come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience the world of original coffee!

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