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Lycello coffee is a great Christmas gift!


Lycello coffee is a great Christmas gift! The warm Christmas is coming, if you have not yet thought of a gift to give your loved one, Lycello coffee will be a reasonable choice. With its sweet, full flavor and magically changing aromas, Lycello will make everyone fall in love. Discover more about this coffee recipe with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

The delicate taste of Lycello coffee

Not only coffee, but any beverage needs to focus on taste. This is a quality and also a unique characteristic that makes them different and outstanding.

People often forget that coffee is a fruit and it has many different notes, not just the bitter taste we are used to. Depending on the variety, cultivation conditions, method of preliminary processing, preparation, … the coffee beans will express their very own aroma layers.


Lycello Coffee

Lycello coffee is an explosive flavor gift. When taking small sips, you will feel the scent of lychee, gardenia and mint appearing together when separate when intertwined. Unlike traditional coffee, specialty coffee preserves the origin of coffee through smell and flavor. They reflect the characteristics of the place where I grew up, the extremely diverse and characteristic aromas.

The magic is that the aroma will change and transform depending on how people enjoy it. When drinking hot, you will not feel the scent of lychee, gardenia, and mint, but instead a faint, gentle jasmine flower; Sweet orange and oolong tea with a bit of astringency. While everyone is playing with the fruity scent, the cup of coffee cools a bit, stops at a warm level, the lychee flavor will return, followed by a bit of sourness of lemon and tangerine.

If you are a person who likes a strong flavor, let the Lycello coffee cool down entirely or serve it with ice. What you feel will be much clearer and fuller with strong fruity aromas of “hot” longan and green apple.

Don’t rush to finish a coffee. Slow down and chill with it, you will be led to a garden full of fruit trees. Sometimes drinks aren’t meant to quench your thirst, they fill your senses.

But if you can’t feel the exact flavors recorded as “textbook”, don’t hesitate. You are not a professional barista, do not have superior sensory ability. But so what? You own this game, as long as you are in tune and patted, any scent is “fun”.

Enjoy Lycello boxes to your own standards!

After taste

Lycello coffee is successful when it can prolong the walk in the user’s fruit garden. Even after you have finished drinking, the wonderful scent lingers in the palate. That is the aftertaste. What will a cup of Lycello leave you with? It is a thin, light gardenia; a little sweetness of honey with a slight grape flavor.


Lycello Coffee

One conspicuous feature of specialty coffee is its acidity. Because they have a tart fruity taste, it’s natural to be acidic. These substances will bring certain nutritional values to the human body. A small cup of Lycello coffee will have:

An explosion of citric acid – acid commonly found in fruits like oranges and tangerines. It will help us convert food into energy for use as well as enhance the ability to absorb other nutrients.

Malic Acid – an acid found in fruit and wine. Medically, they have the effect of reducing fatigue. In addition, Malic acid also helps create sourness for foods.

Tartaric Acid – This acid is found in abundance in grapes, oranges, and tangerines.


Lycello coffee cups will have a slightly dark color with a stable texture, not too thick but not flimsy.


The flavors are diverse but still keep the balance. You will not feel too harsh, too sour, or biased towards any one flavor. They have mutual interference and balance.

Therefore, Lycello coffee not only brings people to the sublimation of flavor but also contains nutrients that are good for human health in sufficient quantities. The perfect gift for this Christmas is a Lycello box. With a luxurious and beautiful stand box design on the dominant white background, this gift will be suitable for an intimate and warm holiday like Christmas – not too heavy in material meaning but still ensuring the unique value.

Address to buy Lycello Box as Christmas gift

Product price

A Lycello box containing 150 grams of roasted Lycello coffee beans costs VND 2,200,000. Besides, a Cup costs 500,000 VND.

When buying, you will be guided on how to mix to get the desired flavor. In coffee making, the source of water plays a very important role, having a relatively large influence on the taste of the cup and the machine.

You can buy coffee water that meets the standards of minerals here: Water tube / Water Telebot. (Mix with distilled water or RO water to use).

Lycello Coffee

A reliable address to buy Lycello coffee

There are 2 methods to buy Lycello standard, ensuring quality in terms of roasting and preservation:

– Buy directly at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster:

+ Lot 422 Ngo Thi Sy, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

+ 178A Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

– Buy online at 43 Factory website

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is proud to be one of the few roasters to bring Lycello to consumers in Vietnam!

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