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What is Shot? The “Big Bang” explosion for taste

You need to experiment with different coffee making methods to find the flavor that you like. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster teaches you how to discover the taste of coffee with the Shot brewing method! What is Shot? 


About Shot brewing method


If the Filter method creates a peaceful cup of coffee, Shot is likened to a tornado of overwhelming feelings. At 43 Factory, a standard shot of Specialty Coffee always leaves a strong mark thanks to its strong flavor.

43 Factory offers a variety of Specialty coffee experiences with 3 methods of preparing shot – filter – milkbase. The Shot brewing method – although very close to Espresso, a method of making strong coffee – but not Espresso. Shot is just shot, a separate standard for all nuts.

Hương vị cà phê pha Shot mãnh liệt xuyên thấu cảm xúc

What does the Shot method include?


With Specialty coffee, the shot is made using very hot water at high pressure that is forcefully pressed through finely ground Arabica beans. It can be said that the Shot is a super-fast shot, with water extraction motivation, 1:4 usage ratio, served without Crema.

The 43 Factory Coffee Roaster team chooses a Grind size of 100 micrometers for all coffee beans at the Workshop. Each blender will have a different grind level, in µm units to show accuracy and uniformity.

Extraction ratio 1:4 for optimal coffee flavor with standard water source, which is the ratio between coffee and water (15gr in – 60gr out). The temperature fully exploits the essence of the coffee, recommending 100°C for easy alignment and development of aroma bands. The whole extraction process takes place in 10s, the shot extraction time is not important, the effective extraction yield is the point to focus on.

Standard cup of coffee with 20 ± 0.5% extraction percentage,  almost absolute extraction level. Total dissolved solids in a cup of coffee are 5.7%, reflecting the degree of extraction of the coffee. With this level of extraction, strong and sweet flavors can be clearly felt. The pressure used is 6 bar.


The beauty of the taste of Shot brewed coffee


Although a small shot, it requires a lot of skill to perfect the flavor. Not only that, it also has to be brewed with really professional tools that can meet the strict brewing requirements and the coffee extraction process at high pressure.

Maybe that’s why each shot is exactly what the name suggests – a loud, violent shot that attacks the taste buds. Shot Specialty Coffe immerses you in the sparkling sourness of crisp green apples, or the ecstatic sweetness of red cherries.

The pride of premium Specialty coffee is the pure acidity in the tender flesh of tropical fruit. And nothing is more ideal than a cup of Shot that has undergone concentrated extraction, precisely balanced between sweet and sour. Thereby enhancing the complex and deep taste of the original coffee – coffee is fruit.

The process of brewing coffee using the shot method is manual, so the results and the factors that determine the taste of the cup require a lot of concentration to achieve consistency. Or it can be said, shot is a smooth combination of humidity, temperature, pressure and the skill of the maker.

Shot - Cú nổ “Big Bang” mãnh liệt dành cho vị giác

Try calling yourself a cup shot of Los Pinos, you will deeply feel the strong coffee with a thick body.

Shot quickly takes over your mind with boldness. Shot originating from Espresso – carrying the beauty of expression – represents the discovery of oneself.

Discovering the coffee flavor of the Shot method, you are facing a whirlwind sweeping through the peaceful plains. Come to 43 Factory to enjoy a glass of standard Shot

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