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Is the smaller batch better?

The demand for Single Origin, Micro lot, and Nano lot coffee in the Specialty coffee market today has big changed. More than just outstanding quality, this trend is increasingly fueled by many significant reasons. Is the smaller batch better? Learn more through this article.




Consumers increasingly want to know everything related to the product they are using. ‘Nobody wants a cup of coffee that they don’t know where it comes from, how it’s made and why it’s so expensive. The more details a customer knows, the more connected they are to the Origin of this coffee. When you enjoy regular coffee, information such as coffee certification or farm name, … will not be provided.

With smaller batches, traceability should, in theory, be more accessible for consumers to know where coffee is grown, under what conditions, and how this affects both the coffee tree itself and the local environment. Customers began to learn more about the lives of coffee growers, and, in an ideal world, buyers and producers could move towards more sustainable prices.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam




Every factor in the way coffee is produced and processed affects the taste of the finished cup. And some coffees have highly distinctive flavor profiles.

Each type of original coffee carries within itself the intrinsic nuances and character of the growing region. If these coffees are blended, their cupnotes will be dwarfed by all other coffees. Instead, by only selling coffees in individual batches, their distinctive flavors are preserved and accentuated by each extraction method.




Of course, if coffee is of low quality, very few farms will try to preserve its particular character. Single Origin, production unit, micro-lot, nano lot… these coffees are of higher quality. Furthermore, by working with smaller batches, it is easier for producers and users to determine the coffee quality and improve the taste.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam




Small batches give the roaster or buyer more control over quality factors. Suppose the coffee trader or importer can visit or build a relationship with the producer. In that case, they can communicate and understand exactly where the coffee comes from and how it is produced.

With coffee from single growers and micro-lots, it is easier for producers and buyers to build long-term relationships. It also allows them to provide feedback, make requests and work together towards the ideal coffee quality and contract for both parties.

Trading directly helps a lot in maintaining quality or even improving it.

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