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Finca Rosenheim H200 Coffee – Single origin coffee beans from the Peruvian jungle


Finca Rosenheim H200 coffee belongs to the Caturra variety, a naturally mutated Catimor from the famous purebred Arabica Bourbon. The batch of coffee possesses a rich, pleasant aroma like the pure air from the clouds and the country of Peru. In particular, it is an excellent product of experience and technical testing to create standard and unique single-origin coffee beans. Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Finca Rosenheim H200 coffee estate strives to preserve nature


Since 2014, Peru has been among the top 20 coffee producing countries in the world. Arabica coffee output accounts for a large proportion of export turnover, bringing Peru to 5th position in the international market. Among them, famous growing areas are in the eastern Andes, the San Martin region and the southern plateau region of St Ignacio near the Ecuadorian border. In particular, Finca Rosenheim H200 coffee growing area – The farm located right on the rich Andes plateau is always sought after by coffee connoisseurs every time the season comes. The plantation has been certified by the “Rainforest Alliance” which honors companies that comply with strict regulations regarding environmental care, wildlife and worker protection.

Cà phê Finca Rosenheim H200

This beautiful estate is 40 hectares large, located in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. The growing area surrounded by nature is over 1,600 masl high and fertile soil creates ideal conditions for coffee varieties to develop their potential in yield and flavor quality. Coffee is covered in primeval forest ecosystems and forests built by farm workers themselves. Thanks to the stratified canopy, the tree is shaded and protected from the ravages of direct sunlight, resistance and washing by wind and heavy rain. The diverse flora and fauna due to the farm’s conservation efforts help limit the destruction of harmful insects and increase production. In addition, the farm does not use chemicals but uses Dolomite lime every few years to reduce soil acidity and limit pests. They also use Yara Mila Hydran as the main fertilizer and decomposed coffee grounds to add organic matter so that the coffee synthesizes the most natural organic substances. Planting, caring for and harvesting Finca Rosenheim H200 is done manually to help the plant grow naturally with the environment and create layers of flavor that are unique to the homeland.

Cà phê Finca Rosenheim H200


Finca Rosenheim H200 coffee is full of sweet aroma


The super rare Finca Rosenheim H200 coffee batch is the product of an experimental process of enhancing aroma and flavor through a long fermentation process. The scent is passionate, smooth and not harsh on the nose. The rich taste is not fruity, but it soothes the heart with the freshness of the milk. The rich, fragrant taste of colostrum combined with the gentle, sweet filling of chocolate easily captures the love of many coffee connoisseurs. They say they love it for its sweetness, love it for its gentleness that is hard to find in any other type of coffee. Perhaps because of being pampered in the green, peaceful forest of Peru, the fragrance of Finca Rosenheim is filled with sweetness from beginning to end. The first flavor blends with the typical milk chocolate flavor of the highland sunshine and wind, mixed with a bit of gentle fat that is extremely appealing to the tongue. The closer you get to the middle, the more resonant acidity makes the taste more fresh and intense. The flavor notes also gradually increase in sweetness, making a cup of eggplant like a marshmallow, immediately melting as soon as it touches the tip of the tongue. The aromatic compounds do not stand still forever, blending into the gentle layer, spreading the haughty fragrance of purple flowers from the great Peru. The sweetness rolls in the fragrant scent of flowers, lingering on the delicate sweetness that can only be found in the beautiful small mountains of Western South America.

cà phê Finca Soledad Gesha


Finca Rosenheim H200 is the result of efforts to improve processing techniques


With a focus on producing the most exceptional single-origin coffees, Finca Rosenheim farm strives to improve its processes. Mark – the farm owner studies and continuously perfects the stages of coffee production day and night. Farm workers also bring their passion for innovation to unique microparticles. They are dedicated to discovering new flavors through innovative processing techniques. Each Finca Rosenheim H200 seed brought to consumers is selected, germinated and meticulously processed at the farm. The uniquely appealing flavor you feel is the result of a 9-day controlled anaerobic fermentation process on beneficio. By controlling and prolonging the fermentation process and the cleanliness of the coffee, certain microorganisms achieve an ideal environment, developing and creating unique characteristic aroma notes.

Cà phê Finca Rosenheim H200

It takes 3-4 years for coffee trees to bear fruit. On average, a tree only produces about 500 grams of seeds per year. Not to mention, to make delicious coffee, the stages of fertilization, harvesting, preliminary processing, improvement, etc. need to be meticulously performed and extremely strictly controlled. Behind every captivating cup of Finca Rosenheim H200 coffee that we sip is a long process that requires a lot of effort. If you love the original flavor and journey of this type of coffee, please visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!                                                                                                                    

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