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Can Puerto Rican specialty coffee explode after breaking the 90-point barrier?


Puerto Rico has been a coffee growing region since the late 1730s. The region was once the world’s top seven coffee producer and was considered a preeminent prospect for specialty coffee. But after that, Puerto Rican specialty coffee could not develop because of a serious decline due to war and natural disasters. However, recently, a Puerto Rican coffee received a rating of 92 on Coffee Review, shocking the world specialty coffee community. Is this a sign of the return and bright future of Puerto Rican coffee? Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Puerto Rican specialty coffee is currently trying to recover


In fact, from the 1950s onwards, Puerto Rico made a concerted effort to rapidly change its economic and social structure and create a more modernized economy. But policies that ignore sustainable local agriculture, along with the lingering effects of colonization and tight market controls, keep coffee prices low. Farmers were not encouraged to invest in growing high-quality coffee, so the Puerto Rican specialty coffee market during this period was not very prosperous.

To break this situation, many young Puerto Rican producers have decided to make efforts to produce specialty coffee. Some farmers are experimenting with novel experimental processing methods, growing different varieties. Many coffee businesses also invest in processing equipment and training human resources to make coffee. A number of proposed policies to increase access to education in the supply chain have motivated younger generations to become more interested in roasting and learning about coffee production.

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There are also efforts by the industry to make the Puerto Rican coffee industry more democratized. Local producers gradually see positive value for themselves and their stakeholders as Puerto Rico’s coffee industry pursues specialty coffee products. The average consumer in Puerto Rico is increasingly interested in high-quality coffee. Therefore, coffee makers in this country are making more efforts in production to promote the characteristics of Puerto Rican culture through coffee, as well as organize events to raise awareness about the coffee sector. Community specialty coffee.

cà phê đặc sản puerto rico


Can Puerto Rican specialty coffee thrive in the future?


Previously, coffees grown in Puerto Rico scored quite low. The coffee with the highest score only reaches around the mid-80s. But recently, this country’s coffee was rated at 92 points by Coffee Review. Although Coffee Review’s scoring system cannot be compared to the Specialty Coffee Association, this is still an important milestone for Puerto Rico’s success. Many industry experts say that the coffee production industry in Puerto Rico has its foundation many centuries ago. Farmers have farming knowledge that has been accumulated and improved for a long time. The country’s natural conditions are optimal with microclimates and soil suitable for high quality coffee. Therefore, Puerto Rico is fully capable of producing world-class coffee and becoming a bright specialty coffee producing country in the future.

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However, Puerto Rico faces challenges including labor shortages, volatile production costs, and U.S. federal minimum wage standards. The industry has not had much interest or investment in promoting in the global market or supporting manufacturers to improve farms in a sustainable way. Therefore, to move towards a promising future as expected, the Puerto Rican specialty coffee industry must put a lot of enthusiasm and efforts from all levels of departments, manufacturers, businesses, consumers and seek aid sources from organizations.

cà phê đặc sản puerto rico

Achieving high scores and being recognized by the specialty coffee market is a long journey, involving a lot of sweat, effort and finances. Striving to become a specialty coffee producer is the dream of almost all coffee makers. Because the value brought is not only a proud achievement for the manufacturer but also for the whole country, contributing to the sustainable future of the global supply chain. Understanding and appreciating each value contained in each specialty coffee bean, XLIII Coffee – A brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, always ensures to pay a worthy price to cooperative farmers. We cherish and are careful in each process of preserving, transporting, roasting, packaging and processing each green coffee bean we receive, so that anyone can fully experience each original flavor. . If you love the taste of specialty coffee and the process of creating it, come to XLIII Coffee to experience it!

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