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Nyagishiru #1552 – Coffee beans bring the love of the country of millions of smiles


Nyagishiru #1552 belongs to the Red Bourbon coffee variety, grown and processed at Nyagishiru CWS – one of the prestigious coffee processing stations and the pride of Burundi. Coffee beans grow up in an effort to preserve the beauty of their homeland and the spirit of overcoming difficulties, making the fragrance sweet and rich like the benevolent identity of the creator. Let’s explore this coffee with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Nyagishiru #1552 grew up in the heart of Africa


Nyagishiru #1552 was raised on the lush Nyagishiru hillside. The planting area is located in the northeastern province of Muyinga of Burundi – known as the country of millions of smiles because of the friendliness of the people. With the terrain between Africa and the Albertine rift, this place possesses a tropical highland climate, with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, cool and pleasant weather suitable for healthy coffee trees. In particular, the heartland of Africa is located on a gentle plateau with an average altitude of 1,707m, mountainous soil and water from the Nile River headwaters help coffee beans easily absorb essential minerals. for the process of transforming into unique aromas.

Besides the ideal living environment, Nyagishiru #1552 coffee is also carefully cared for by gentle farmers at Nyagishiru Primary Processing Station. They are the children of a land with limited industrial resources, whose economy depends mainly on agriculture, especially coffee. Coffee production seems to have been associated with livelihood, future life and pride passed down from generation to generation since the 1990s, so Burundian children almost spend their lives on coffee. Like the Nyagishiru #1552 coffee lot, the Nyagishiru CWS team spent decades of effort cultivating and improving the taste to affirm the position of the country’s specialty coffee on the world coffee map. They bring love and smiles about the bright future to meticulously selecting seeds; Taking care of plants according to organic methods, and investing in modern machinery to ensure the taste of coffee beans contains the unique beauties from home.

Nyagishiru Washing Station - XLIII Coffee's Collaboration


Nyagishiru #1552 is delicately sweet


Maybe you will be surprised to taste the taste of Nyagishiru #1552. Because the sweet, sweet scent that can make people smile unconsciously comes from a small, poor land with thousands of worries. Each drop of the extract is smooth, the amber-brown color exudes a charm that captivates every heart that loves the pure, original pure taste. The pre-taste is tangerine butter, very light, just enough for the olfactory and taste receptors to sense the wonderful flavors. The rich sugar and light citric of the citrus family when ripe, combined with the smooth, creamy aroma of butter glides on the tip of the tongue, bringing the mind to the distant horizon. A place with strong winds, fragrant flowers, berries, a place full of genuine good laughter, love of labor, and overcoming difficulties with the desire to reach the reach of Burundi people. Take a long sip to fully receive that inspiration and relaxation. Remember to slow down a beat so that the layer of coffee fills your mouth, absorbing to every cell the “cool” taste of a cool and refreshing cup of iced lemon tea. The taste is ethereal and refreshing like a generous heart and aspiration to affirm the position of the country. Later, the sour taste becomes brighter and brighter, and the aftertaste becomes warmer and sweeter like a milk chocolate bar, creating an indescribable magical complex that helps to lighten the spirit, rather the soul drifts like clouds into the interesting ideas of the mind awake.

Nyagishiru #1552


Nyagishiru #1552 reaching out to protect farmers’ livelihoods


According to Coffeenews, Burundi is a small country, poor because of political instability and epidemics. The lives of local people depend mostly on the cultivation and preliminary processing of coffee. However, Burundi’s coffee does not have a place in the international coffee market, causing farmers to be forced to price and suffer many injustices. Therefore, the Nyagishiru CWS team was determined to produce high-quality specialty coffee beans with Burundian features to enhance the value of the country’s coffee, thereby creating a stable income for the community. Carrying that noble mission, Nyagishiru #1552 coffee beans are increasingly perfecting their grain configuration, flavor and value. According to each crop year, the batch of coffee has more warm reception from coffee lovers and recognition of its commercial value, contributing to promoting sustainable development for the life of the community and the whole industry. Moreover, thanks to the production of Nyagishiru #1552, each worker at Nyagishiru CWS is paid 60% more than the average labor salary, the manufacturer receives 20% more insurance premium than the local helps them have stable livelihoods, create conditions for farm improvements and quality improvement.

Nyagishiru Washing Station - XLIII Coffee's Collaboration

Nyagishiru Coffee #1552 is the result of unremitting dedication to the coffee industry and Burundi country. The light brown coffee layer shines with the smiles from the working people, making the hearts of the people enjoying it become soft and relaxed. If you want to experience it, visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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