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The first discovery of the dual effects of morning coffee


Morning coffee brings many health benefits. However, recently, scientists from the University of Minho, the Government-Linked Laboratory PT, Jaume I University, and the University of Coimbra (Portugal) have discovered the dual effects of a morning cup of coffee, surprising many. Let’s explore this in the following article with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The dual effects of morning coffee


A study revealing the dual effects of a morning cup of coffee was published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. The study involved two groups of volunteers: one group drank coffee in the morning, while the other half used caffeine pills as a substitute, with the caffeine dosage equivalent to that of the coffee consumed by the other group.

They were not allowed to consume any caffeinated beverages for 3 hours before the study. After 30 minutes of drinking coffee or taking caffeine pills, they underwent brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The results showed a clear effect of caffeine: It disrupted some connections in the networks of the prefrontal cortex, which are more conducive to rest rather than work. This made people more ready to “switch off” the resting mode and start the day anew.

The first discovery of the dual effects of morning coffee

The alertness effect of a morning cup of coffee doesn’t just come from caffeine.

However, there were differences in other areas of the brain. Those who drank real coffee showed increased connectivity in the visual network and the executive control network on the right side of the brain. As a result, they could work more smoothly than those using caffeine substitutes.

=> Enjoying a cup of coffee not only provides alertness due to caffeine but also acts as a kind of “pseudo” mental stimulant, stimulating the brain up to twice as much as just consuming caffeine. This means that even if you drink decaffeinated coffee, it still has a relatively stimulating effect.


Other effects of morning coffee


In addition to the dual effects mentioned above, a morning cup of coffee also brings many other benefits such as cardiovascular system, metabolism, liver, kidneys, reproductive function… or simply helps you start the day refreshed.”

The first discovery of the dual effects of morning coffee

A morning cup of coffee every day can bring surprising changes

To learn more about these benefits, please refer to the article: Health benefits in one cup of morning coffee

To fully harness the power of a morning cup of coffee, it’s advisable to choose the right time to drink it. Avoid drinking it immediately upon waking up; instead, have breakfast first and then enjoy your cup of coffee.

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has provided readers with the dual effects of a morning cup of coffee. To enjoy a cup of coffee that benefits your health and contributes to the sustainability of the entire industry, visit XLIII Coffee (the new name of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster).

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