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Finca Soledad Gesha Coffee – A hidden gem in the cloud forest of Ecuador


If you love Gesha, you probably won’t be able to ignore Finca Soledad Gesha coffee. This Gesha from the green land of Ecuador is as perfect as a clear, enchanting jewel. The gentle aroma exudes the charm of many connoisseurs of coffee with a high SCA 91 score. Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Finca Soledad Gesha coffee is favored by Ecuadorian nature


Finca Soledad Gesha coffee is considered to be the most carefully cared for baby of the Ecuadorian motherland at Finca Soledad farm. The coffee tree is grown around the endemic tree species on the mountain that rises in the middle of the Intag valley, Imbabura in Ecuador. The planting area is up to 1,515 masl with a canopy of lush green forest covered with clouds of 120 hectares, the fast-flowing Intag river and a diverse ecosystem. In the middle of that primeval area, Finca Soledad Gesha easily integrated and grew strongly. In the biologically balanced house, nature is like a mother devoted to taking care of her child Finca Soledad Gesha. When they were tiny sprouts until they were mature, they had a forest canopy to protect them from the harsh sun and heavy rain. The leaves and flowers are surrounded by bees, butterflies and birds, catching worms and collecting pollen. During the growing process, the climate is also regulated with a lot of airflow to have the right humidity and rainfall for the tree to stay cool against dehydration in the dry season, enough to withstand the rainy season and keep the fruit on the branches. so long. The longer the coffee berries stay on the tree, the more nutrients they absorb from the fertile forest soil, pure minerals from the river, and clean groundwater. Since then, the slower time Finca Soledad Gesha ripens, helping organic compounds and aromatic compounds have more time to transform to create a rich aroma.

cà phê Finca Soledad Gesha


The efforts of the growers make Finca Soledad Gesha seeds round and round


Perhaps anyone notices the wonderful harmony of Finca Soledad Gesha and Valle De Intag’s nature. The nature of that place envelops and supports the coffee beans in all aspects, while Finca Soledad Gesha grows up to bring the full original beauty of the vast vastness into the heart of the bean. That deep blend and connection is the result of a long journey of listening to the natural voice of coffee growers.

cà phê Finca Soledad Gesha

Farm owner Finca Soledad has spent decades empathizing with heaven and earth, rivers and mountains and following the instructions of nature. Following the belief in sustainable green, he and the farmers strive to build a biodiversity-ecosystem, reviving the forest for a land of 120 hectares for outstanding coffee development. Coffee trees are cultivated according to dynamic thinking, carefully calculating the time of planting, fertilizing, harvesting according to the cycle of the rotation of the earth, the moon (the tide rises) to make the most of what nature has to offer. Give the fruit to absorb nutrients more easily. Farmers pay attention to collecting biological waste, recycling materials, both helping to protect the environment and improving the quality of large, succulent coffee berries.

cà phê Finca Soledad Gesha


Finca Soledad Gesha returns the favor with a multi-colored incense


Perhaps due to the love of nature and farmers, Finca Soledad Gesha coffee is as lively and multi-layered as a tropical fruit forest. Along with a smooth texture and characteristic crisp acidity, the scent is lifted, lasting like satin silk, both smooth and bright. The first note evokes the clear, poetic tones of black tea, fresh orange and white jasmine. The fragrance is very light, but it makes the tip of the tongue stick around forever. The sweetness rises with slow flow dripping down the glass, mixed with citric to create a sharp taste of lemon, orange blossom and milk. The scent this time seems strangely intense. The layer of coffee with pride born from the high mountains quickly penetrates the tactile cells, using the characteristic aroma and purity of the berry to refresh the mind of the experiencer. Into the throat, the coffee layer magically separates into many layers. It has a delicate golden tangerine aroma, has a seductive rose, intoxicating seems to have both fresh crispy green apple flavor and sweet caramel. Each line of those sweet aromas welled up in the mouth, leisurely pressing each taste point to bring the mind to the green strip of the Imbabura sky, feeling new and full of vitality.

cà phê Finca Soledad Gesha

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