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Let’s discover the flavor change of Finca Soledad Mejorada with each heat


As an emerging variety, the taste of Finca Soledad Mejorada coffee has easily created a wave of admiration in the specialty coffee world. What makes it so beloved is that Mejorada possesses notes that touch the heart of the experiencer. According to each frame of heat, the drop of eggplant evokes all the flavors of plants, clouds, and fruits so beautiful that it can awaken all senses. Let’s feel more deeply this cup of coffee with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Finca Soledad Mejorada coffee flavor changes with temperature


Finca Soledad Mejorada is a Bourbon hybrid with an Ethiopian Landrace. Inheriting the good qualities from the mother plant, Mejorada beans are rich in sweetness and a complex of flavors that vary with the flow of temperature.


Enjoy the aroma of hot Finca Soledad Mejorada coffee


The thick, round flavor structure like fresh milk is a noticeable feeling when enjoying Finca Soledad Mejorada coffee while it is still hot. That delicious fatty taste is even more special when combined with the scent of marigold flowers. Thanks to the characteristic aroma of the daisy family, the flavor adds depth, stimulating the desire to conquer new things. Drink it a little, you will realize that only sweet and bitter can be multi-layered and complicated. They contrast and then intersect to show off sophisticated, contemplative notes. But not yet used there, the acidity of Mejorado is high, so from time to time the blueberry flavor will emerge to contribute to the fun, making the flavor extremely catchy.

hương vị cà phê mejorada


Sweet nectar of Finca Soledad Mejorada coffee when warm


The coffee must be steeped for a long time, the cooler it is, the more rolled it is. The warm taste of Finca Soledad Mejorada coffee paints each brilliant layer of hydrangea flowers. The scent of flowers makes a cup of coffee with a beauty that is both light and mysterious, making everyone curious about the story behind. As we delve deeper in slow drops, we are given a bit of honey-like sweetness. The clear acidity with temperature separates more “layers” between malic and tartaric. They transform into clementine tangerines to neutralize the bile. Sweet and sour blend together, the fragrance layer is fuller and fuller. There is no bitterness left like when hot, but the taste has completely softened.

hương vị cà phê mejorada


Melt cotton candy with cold Finca Soledad Mejorada Coffee


When completely cooled, the acid of Finca Soledad Mejorada decreased to more than 67%. The cup of coffee becomes light with the taste of fresh, natural orange juice. The sweetness of the coffee also gradually turned into soft cotton candy. Slowly enjoying, we can still see the faint smell of hibiscus flowers here and there. The liberal scent does not follow a certain framework but creates a very relaxed feeling. Emotions are cherished by Mejorada’s family, touch and melt to offer the original essence.

hương vị cà phê mejorada


Farmers’ efforts to create Finca Soledada Mejorada flavor


Finca Soledad Mejorada coffee flavor is full of alluring features of tropical fruits. Natural taste with a clean, long and warm aftertaste. Mejorada is a hybrid of Bourbon and Landrace Ethiopia, so they require rather difficult growing conditions.

To get these special notes, the farmers in Finca Soledad have devoted all their heart to cultivating and fertilizing. They have worked hard to plant and protect the forest and environment for coffee to grow. Sow them in the high plateau up to 1,150m above sea level to facilitate the accumulation of fragrance. Besides, Finca Soledad farmers have used the cleanest, most sustainable Biodynamic farming method. The method requires growers to focus on improving soil fertility; build an ecosystem that intimately connects them to each coffee tree; perfect coordination from breeding to farming, farming. Each process must completely use herbal additives and natural minerals to mix with organic fertilizers so that the quality of soil and coffee is guaranteed, safe and nutritious. In each of those processes, from seeding to harvesting, people calculate the season accurately to make the seeds stronger and the configuration more complicated.

hương vị cà phê mejorada

It can be said that creating a perfect cup of Finca Soledad Mejjorada coffee in your hands is not easy. It is the result of the farmers’ hard-working process to send you coffee beans containing a sharp blend of flavors. Come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to feel this taste.

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