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Cerro Azul – Coffee beans among the green hills of


The Cerro Azul coffee of the Cafe Granja La Esperanza estate is a famous name in the specialty coffee village. Every time it appears, it creates a wave of warm welcome in the coffee world. Not only that, Cerro Azul is always at the top of most international specialty coffee charts with its enchanting aromas. Let’s learn about this type of coffee with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Cerro Azul grew up on a green hill


Cerro Azul is a coffee of the Gesha variety grown by the Cafe Granja La Esperanza team at the sub-farm of the same name. In Spanish, Cerro Azul means green hill. Because as the name suggests, this beautiful growing area of nearly 20 hectares is a green hill, covered with diverse and lush vegetation in the middle of the Valle del Cauca valley, Colombia. With an altitude of 1,700 – 2,000m and a special microclimate combined with the warm breeze from the Trujillo area and the cold wind from the Pacific Ocean, Cerro Azul provides an ideal environment for fine coffees. development grade. In addition, the air temperature in the place is always stable at 15-21 degrees Celsius, and high humidity, abundant rainfall and minerals help the coffee plant to nurture extremely unique and attractive aromas.

cà phê cerro azul


Cerro Azul coffee production process


Cerro Azul is cultivated according to organic farming processes and uses the most advanced techniques and equipment. Farmers will select seedlings from new-generation Gesha seeds with outstanding yield and disease resistance to bring to the nursery. After having healthy seedlings, they move them to each appropriate area on the farm to continue to fertilize. Here, the Cerro Azul coffee trees are absorbed energy from natural sunlight, minerals from the alluvium of the Cauca, Cáeres, Cuancuas, Frío rivers and biological products. They are also cared for in detail and meticulously every day from the time they have only two beautiful little cotyledons to maturity, flowering, and results.

cà phê cerro azul

When it comes to the crop, seasoned farmers have to look at each coffee cluster, select the ripe ones, and then personally pick them one by one to ensure the best quality. Next, the freshly harvested coffee berries will be processed immediately to ensure freshness and berries. Normally, the batch of coffee that can keep the maximum amount of sugar inherent in Cerro Azul will be applied to the Washed process. The coffee cherries will be rubbed several times with water until the kernels inside are completely exposed. Once washed, they will be dried and controlled at a temperature between 35 – 45 degrees Celsius until dry. After that, each batch of green coffee beans will be sampled, tested and evaluated for quality until they meet quality standards, then vacuum packed, packed in Grain Pro bags for comprehensive protection.

cà phê cerro azul


Coffee flavor Cerro Azul


Accumulating the heavenly scent of Colombia’s deep blue growing region, the taste of Cerro Azul evokes passion. Each drop of the first incense is like a young girl in a vibrant salsa dance, making people’s hearts ferment. The world with the sweetness of crunchy cantaloupe, the purity of white jasmine flowers and the intensely aromatic apple cider create an irresistible attraction. Take a sip, you will find the Cerro Azul background is strangely intoxicating. The scent changes from custard apple, kiwi when it’s still warm, through cantaloupe, cider, and mango when it’s low, to apricot, mango, and kiwi when it’s cold. Each layer of fragrance is varied, intense, multi-layered, but not rushed, but slowly releases each delicious tone.

cà phê cerro azul


Cerro Azul coffee makes many marks in the international arena


Coming from the legendary Panama Gesha and raised in the ideal conditions of Colombia’s green hills, Cerro Azul has been named many times in the final round of national and international coffee competitions. Some notable awards include:

– In 2020, Cerro Azul won the championship at Grece Coffee In Good Spirits and the final second prize for the US Brewers Cup

– In 2019 Cerro Azul helped baristas win the championship in Japan Barista Championship, Denmark Brewers Cup, Singapore Brewers Cup.

– In 2018 Cerro Azul accompanies the baristas who won the championship in the DUTCH Barista Championship, Golden Bean USA,…

cà phê cerro azul

Cerro Azul coffee is a beautiful gift of nature to the hands and brains that work hard to nurture, nurture and protect each precious plant. The magically transformed flavor complex contains so much heart, longing and great responsibility for a sustainable coffee mission. If you are interested, come to XLIII Coffee to experience it.

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