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Specialty coffee is a delicate, exotic, and specialized product; Just like everyone has their own hobby in enjoying work. Suppose you have never discovered the taste of coffee with the milk base brewing method. Let’s once feel those exceptional sweet individuals with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


In the original coffee world, adding milk to a cup of coffee has become somewhat of an architectural pole. This grade coffee is always quality flavor, not degraded by the cleartext.

Specialty True Coffee must have a natural position without added milk or sugar. That sweetness comes from a lot of dedication and time poured into the cup from harvest to sound. It is the sweet fruit of the tree when ripe on pure branches.

However, coffee is a colorful world that we always have to adapt appropriately when change occurs. Many coffee drinkers have to add milk to feel about belief and personal preference. The Milk in Coffee Specialty will absorb hot fat, and we stretch to achieve a velvety texture. Make the coffee have a creamy foam and full flavor, bittersweet or bitter dark roasted coffee.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Before specialty coffees were glorified, dark-roasted Robusta was a popular product. We often lack the sweetness and bitter or pungent bitterness. Adding milk becomes a great way to reduce anger and enhance the texture of the coffee.

Many people are used to drinking coffee in such away. Then they turned the same controls for high-quality coffee into publicity, like a simple mode.

The prefixation or a standard sensor is very large to accept the management of a user. We sometimes bring interest to blatant lines of thought, which higher qualities are unlikely to do. Similar to the psychology of an old familiar coffee shop we frequent, always more comfortable than a fancy but unfamiliar place.


We do not manage any vehicles for those who pursue the dream of High-Quality Specialty Coffee like 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. Understanding creamy, velvety cappuccinos on a day when honey turns to the wind can also ease the complicated parts. Hot, sweet-smelling lattes can also be a small joy after someone’s tiring day. Or the many flavors of absorbent coffee that encapsulate the milk of a Flat White cup as a gentle encouragement to remind you to stay awake. As long as they follow the same general formula, juices or teas have their place. But coffee is different – especially Milk Base latte. We roast a little longer, grind a bit more, the temperature is a little hotter, and the whipped milk takes a few seconds longer. Coffee is entirely different when sipped. It is also different from the Shot/Espresso brew that emphasizes consistency. The ratio of milk and coffee in the Milky Base programs does not default to a specific rule. And each coffee bean contains its unique properties.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Please call a milk base Specialty split each time you return to the Workshop. To see that, there are few coffees and coffees that are precisely the same, just as the barista does not have the same style as the analyst. It’s interesting because it’s easy to find a drink, so honest!

Milk base Specialty coffee has always been an ideal choice for the inner qualities of coffee to shine through with a variety of flavors and textures. Exploring the taste of coffee with the Milk base brewing method not only suggests a familiar feeling to those who know coffee. It is also a rare experience that is enough to reconcile your ego and original coffee.

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