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How to make professional coffee at home

Sometimes because of our busy schedule, we can’t go out and have to make our own coffee at home. Let 43 Factory Coffee show you how to make coffee at home professionally.

How to make coffee at home professionally by Pour Over (Drip) 




Pour Over or Filter is one of the classic and oldest methods used to make coffee. Applying the drip method through the filter element (filter paper or wire mesh), the filter holder (dripper) is quite similar to making filter coffee in Vietnam. The barista uses a stream of hot water poured directly onto the surface of the coffee powder to extract the flavors contained in the beans and flow down the container. Usually, a specialized tool is used to retain the coffee powder during the extraction process; is known as a funnel and is usually made of paper, metal, porcelain, plastic…

Coming to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, this method shows the original beauty of Specialty coffee full of flavor.

Pour-over được biến tấu thành Filter tại Xưởng, là một cách pha cà phê đơn thuần, không cầu kỳ mà vẫn giúp chiết xuất nên chất cà phê vừa đậm vị vừa tinh tế

Pour Over or Filter is one of the classic and oldest methods used to make coffee


How to make coffee professionally


+ Place the filter in the coffee funnel on the cup or pitcher you just prepared.

+ Rinse the filter with hot water (to remove the papery taste and the filter seals in place), then discard the water.

+ Put fine coffee grounds into the filter before pouring boiling water in to completely absorb the coffee grounds, wait 45 seconds for the coffee grounds to expand. Then, continue to add boiling water, pouring in a circular motion to evenly wet all the grounds until you have reached the desired amount of finished coffee.


Special flavor


Coffee flavor has a blend of floral flavors, fruit flavors like strawberry, orange, lemon, grapefruit…

If you do not have enough time and tools to make this brewing method, you can go to 43 Factory to enjoy with Extremely Light roast level. This is the roasting level where the coffee retains the most floral and fruit flavors, and fully embraces the beauty of the growing area.

The choice of sipping Cundinamarca Vianí coffee from 43 Factory will make you more satisfied than ever through this brewing method. With Pour Over under the hands of a professional barista, you will clearly feel the distinctive jasmine scent of wet-processed Colombian coffee. Along with that is a little ripe apricot flavor and the distinctive flavors of apple and caramel blend together, creating a strong yet elegant cup of coffee.


How to make coffee at home professionally by French Press 




The French press is a classic and easy coffee maker. Simply brew by steeping ground coffee directly in hot water, then pressing the plunger down to separate the grounds from the coffee. So we have a perfect cup of coffee right away

French Press được coi là dụng cụ pha chế cà phê tại nhà đơn giản nhất 

French Press is a simple coffee maker

How to make coffee at home


+ Pour coarsely ground coffee into the French Press, then fill it with boiling water before a quick stir.

+ Please wait patiently for the coffee to soak up the water; then close the lid and slowly press down on the plunger to separate the grounds from the coffee.

+ You can enjoy it right away (or switch to a separate container), as the coffee will continue to extract if you leave it in the pot too long.


Special flavor


French Press is a popular and very popular way of making coffee in the US and Europe because it is believed that French Press is the best way to enjoy the full flavor of the coffee. The coffee will be fully immersed in water to unleash its radiance and radiance with its inherent great flavor.

With this brew, hot water and coffee work wonders together. The coffee will freely spread the flavor. This is the greatest advantage when brewing in the French Press style that few other brewing methods have.

In fact, the French Press allows the essential oils of the coffee to enter the extraction more easily, which is unlikely with conventional filters (filter paper usually retains most of the oil).

To create delicious cups of coffee at home, you can combine them with 43 Water Tube, which will be a perfect pairing with coffee when brewed this French Press way.


The way to make coffee at home by Chemex




Invented in 1941, the Chemex is a signature pour over latte. Chemex consists of an hourglass-shaped vessel made of heat-reinforced glass and a specially designed filter that is 20-30% heavier than other filters, which regulates the flow of water as it passes through the pulp. the coffee.

Pha cà phê tại nhà bằng bình thủy tinh Chemex

Making coffee at home by Chemex

How to make coffee


+ Measure out the required amount of beans and grind them to medium coarseness or you can use ground coffee powder.

+ Heat the kettle to about 93-96 degrees Celsius.

+ Place the filter paper in a glass jar and rinse the flask and paper with hot water. This is really important to remove the taste of the filter paper as well as to help warm up the container. Then pour out the water and start making coffee.

+ Pour the coffee powder onto the filter and gently shake the pot to spread the coffee evenly.

+ Then start pouring water over the coffee powder so that all the coffee powder can be absorbed evenly. Then wait about 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom (blooming).

+ Continue stirring, pouring the water in a circular motion or back and forth to saturate all the substrates until you have achieved the desired final product.


Special taste


With a sophisticated design style and special filter paper, coffee brewed in a Chemex pot offers diners an adventurous journey to experience flavors from distant lands. When clicking on the lips, each clear note blends together to create a symphony that explodes your taste buds.

The Chemex pot was almost born for coffees with a bright and complex flavor base. For coffees with good flavor but thin body, this tool will be the perfect savior, masking the flaws and making the flavor more shine.

The special thing is that after brewing, the color of the coffee solution has a perfect bright red color. If the sunlight shines on the pot after it has just been processed, the surface of the coffee will shine with an extremely attractive shimmer.

There is nothing like starting a new day full of positive energy with a cup of coffee with excellent taste brewed by yourself. In addition, making your own coffee also helps you better understand the expertise behind the unique flavors from different regions. From there, we appreciate the original flavors, which even professional rewarders sometimes miss!

Coffee flavor will shine brightly if you brew it properly. If you still have many concerns about how to make coffee, you can go to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience the rich flavor under the hands of real Baristas. Why bother trying it right once, so that you can experience it countless times for yourself?

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