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Ninety Plus Estates – Where passion for specialty coffee originates







Ninety Plus Estates marks the realization of Joseph Brodsky’s mission for inspiring the world with the taste of coffee. With like-minded people’s constant efforts and enthusiasm, Ninety Plus Estates Farm was formed and developed on a completely different scale. It’s lively and full of natural colors; Ninety Plus Estates looks like a unique and enchanting historical park Modern Jura”.Let’s learn more about this remarkable growing area and understand the core sustainable value – “coffee is not only coffee but also the beauty bestowed by nature” in this article – Ninety Plus Estates – Where passion for specialty coffee originates này nhé.


Ninety Plus Estates’ volcanic ecosystem


Ninety Plus Estates was built from seven volcanic eruptions


Ninety Plus Estates is in an exceptional location – around the unspoiled crater of Barú. So far, this area has appeared seven eruptions from the volcano. At the end of the 7th eruption, this land that seemed unlikely to be revived had transformed spectacularly, from the ruins.

The bottom of the crater creates a 70ha broad plain, cool climate, and rich vegetation at an altitude of 1,800m. Diverse ecosystems, abundant soils, and many characteristic microclimates allow the farm area to cultivate specialized, high-demand varieties and offer outstanding quality. With vast plateaus and rolling valleys, Ninety Plus Barú Estates thrives with nature and sustainability.

The farm is a miracle that nature deliberately bestowed a beautiful departure from the danger called “Modern Jurassic Park.”

Ninety Plus Coffee Collaboration


Pristine Beauty


When building Ninety Plus Estates, Joseph Brodsky nurtured a plan to preserve and develop the inherent wild ecosystem here with the bold idea of “reforestation with coffee.” If you have the opportunity to visit Barú Estates, the scenery will make you surprised and enchanted. Giant coffee trees intermingled with green vegetation, local animals, and people living in harmony seem to belong together.

In the middle of the ancient forest, the image of people and farms, the original green and the fresh tomato red color blend like a lively and peaceful picture. The wind carries the aroma of ethereal coffee, leading to incredible scenes. Nowhere, enjoying coffee on an old tree branch or in the middle of a cool stream is so gentle and poetic.

Ninety Plus Coffee Collaboration

Ninety Plus Estates offers a bold combination of modern coffee and unspoiled nature, making any one of us dream of experiencing it once.


Ninety Plus Estates is rooted in wild coffee


Joseph Brodsky’s path to pursuing coffee’s pristine beauty and inspirational journey began in 2005 in Ethiopia. He was amazed that some types of coffee growing wild have such a complex and excellent flavor. Besides, the indigenous people here also give him memorable moments and endless inspiration about specialty coffee. Joseph Brodsky decided to stay in Ethiopia for a long time to study and nurture his passion for building a “coffee as part of the forest” ecosystem.

Ninety Plus Coffee Collaboration

From 2009 – 2019, Joseph Brodsky was fortunate to have the opportunity to buy Ninety Plus Estates and start building the farm to incorporate coffee trees into the primeval forest by planting native plants, raising cattle, and conserving animals in parallel with growing Gesha coffee. At the same time, he and his partner Guillermo Saint Malo share the inspiration of specialty coffee through superior experience and high quality in the international coffee-loving community.

To date, Ninety Plus Estates is one of the most famous farms in the world. The coffee here has won the most premium coffee championships. These include winning 7 cups in 9 years of the Greek Brewers Cup and 5 of 8 World Brewers Cup championships during the past years.

Ninety Plus Estates has successfully demonstrated “coffee as part of the forest”; The coffee industry can develop sustainability while ensuring production and protecting the environment – where this excellent agricultural product is nurtured.

Ninety Plus Coffee Collaboration


Gesha from Ninety Plus Estates


Gesha from Ninety Plus is renowned for its unique quality and taste of volcanic soil. According to the founder’s direction, coffee is grown organically and uses water from springs, underground wells, and natural rainfall. The Gesha coffee at each area of Ninety Plus Estates has a story about the motherland, the mountains, and forests, waiting for precious friends to explore together. Gesha can be richly mellow with ginger, and herbaceous flowers can be sweet with lychee and mild mint freshness or full of fresh pomegranate and dark chocolate flavors. When enjoying Gesha coffee, we feel lost in a garden full of fragrant flowers, and sweet fruits, layers of flavors change constantly when the temperature changes, blending but still keeping each layer right in the mouth.

The taste of Gesha is created from the uniqueness of the earth and the meticulousness of each farmer at Ninety Plus Estates. Every step of grazing, irrigation, preliminary processing, roasting, cupping is carefully and carefully cherished. If possible, come here and experience how great coffee farming can be.

Ninety Plus Coffee Collaboration

Sharing the passion for specialty coffee and cherishing the value of sustainable roots, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is honored to be one of the partners of Ninety Plus Estates, bringing the sweet aroma of Gesha to everyone. The specialty coffee seeds at our coffee shops are imported directly from the farm transparently to each farmer. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is always ready for fresh coffee and small stories, invite you to fully feel the coffee beauty of this “New Age Jurassic Park”.



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