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Making coffee by Kalita – The simplicity in each drop of coffee

Making coffee by Kalita – a coffee maker that is becoming more popular – is one of the newest concepts in the coffee industry. Have you ever enjoyed the flavor specified by this method?


About Kalita Wave preparation tools


The Kalita Wave is a traditional coffee maker in the pour over style, which holds the coffee in the filter as the water flows through.

While most other Pour Over instruments only have a small main hole for water to pass through, with the Kalita there is a smarter approach. With this tool, there are three separate small holes in the flat bottom to help extract the coffee flavor more evenly and prevent water leakage in the filter. And this unique design has been exclusively patented.


With Kalita’s flat bottom and three-hole design, the coffee is extracted more consistently. It ensures that the finished coffee will always be fresh with excellent quality. Simply put, the uniformity of coffee extraction by Kalita will make the taste much more attractive. Kalita brings people to enjoy a truly exquisite Specialty coffee experience.

Kalita is usually made of glass and ceramic, then upgraded with stainless steel variants. Metal’s ability to absorb heat is less than ceramic, which means less heat is dissipated by the tool, so the coffee has a better chance of “decompressing” the flavor compounds that are available.


The early history of the Kalita 


Kalita was invented in 2010 by a Japan-based company called Kalita Co. It is a family Japanese company, first established in Nihonbashi, Tokyo in 1958. The company has been manufacturing coffee equipment for several decades, becoming one of the most developed companies in the world. business of coffee products. Today, the head office is located in Yokohama and with several offices throughout Japan. Kalita is one of the leading companies in the coffee industry, offering a wide range of products focused on a quality coffee experience.

By inventing and bringing to market the Kalita Wave drip coffee maker, the company gives diners the best experience when enjoying coffee. Kalita Co has raised the bar with their own version of the Pour Over dropper. In the 1950s, Kalita Co sold its coffee-making equipment and expanded further into Osaka. The Kalita Company continues to create and revolutionize the coffee industry with its own exceptionally premium innovative products, especially with the ingenuity of Kalita Wave.

Kalita.Co specially designed this coffee maker kit not only to create delicious coffee but also to make the brewing phase much easier than with drippers. other. This makes Kalita easily accessible to beginners while remaining effective for experienced baristas.


Coffee flavor when brewed with Kalita


Overall, the Kalita gives coffee users a slightly heavier flavor than the V60, due to the longer contact time between water and ground coffee. In terms of taste, it will probably be quite similar to coffee brewed by Aeropress or Clever Dripper.

Only when used in the right way together with the right water source, the right grind and the premium beans can Kalita create an overall masterpiece of rich and refined coffee flavor.


Why is the Kalita brewing method becoming more and more popular?


Affordable cost

For only a few hundred thousand, you can have a super quality Kalita brewing tool

Classic design

With a wavy design resembling the image of a coffee cup, Kalita attracts the attention of many people because of its beautiful, classic shape.

Easy to use

This brewer is suitable for a wide range of people from beginners to experienced baristas.

Fresh flavor

Coffee brewed with Kalita always preserves freshness.

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