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Why is Gesha Panama the most expensive coffee in the world?


“Gesha Panama is the most expensive coffee in the world” is a fact that has been recognized for many years. The numbers at the Best of Panama green coffee auctions are a song about the price of coffee. The high price of the bean also shows that the bean is valuable or simply loved by many. In this article, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster will explain why Gesha Panama is the most expensive coffee in the world.


Gesha Panama is the most expensive coffee in the world


Gesha Panama the most expensive coffee in the world

This is not a question, but an affirmation. Currently, Gesha Panama is the most expensive coffee in the world. The prices of this coffee are climbing year by year and gradually beat their own price record to create a larger number. In 2021, there is a Gesha with a price of $ 2,560 / pound.

To learn more about the aging steps of this coffee, please refer to the article: The price of Gesha coffee breaks records in Panama

When a certain eggplant is attached to pop-up labels, it gets more scrutiny and Gesha Panama is no exception. Because it is the most expensive coffee on the planet, it is highly appreciated for its taste, and preliminary processing,…


Why is Gesha Panama the most expensive coffee in the world?


For coffee lovers, Gesha is certainly not an unfamiliar name. In the coffee world, Gesha Panama is like a beautiful beauty queen, the presence of beautiful things and “quality”. So what about the others? Not all, but probably many will “criticize” this coffee variety is too expensive. Let 43 Factory Coffee Roaster vindicate Gesha (or Geisha as some call it).

Strict farming standards

Diamonds are expensive and the process of making them is very difficult. They are only formed at the high temperatures and pressures that occur in the Earth’s crust about 100 miles below the Earth’s surface. The process of creating Gesha is similar, of course not so “horrible”, but it also has to comply with standards that not everywhere can do.

Gesha Panama the most expensive coffee in the worldGesha is a difficult plant to grow

Compared to other coffee varieties, its leaves are much thinner, which means that its photosynthetic capacity is also less. Furthermore, the root’s ability to absorb nutrients was also assessed as poor. Its ability to photosynthesize and absorb nutrients is much lower than other species. Because of that, its output is also low as a matter of course. A Gesha factory produces only half as much as the Catuai beans they make.


Altitude is important in creating the flavor of any eggplant. To get the strong gesha bean, farmers must plant it at an altitude of 1700m above sea level. At the Elida Estate farm, this variety is also grown at an altitude of 1700 – 1950m above sea level. With such a height, taking care of it was not a simple thing. And so it can’t be grown on a mass scale, but can only become a “specialty” of some regions. Not to mention the care, the process of transporting it from the nursery to the high hill is also a difficult problem. During transportation, the farmer can kill 20% of the young shoots.

Space to grow

A Gesha tree needs more space to grow than other plants. One hectare of land can only grow 1,200 Gesha trees, while many other types of coffee can grow up to 8,000 trees.

Harvest time

While normal coffee only takes 3-4 years to flower, Gesha waits for 8 years to bear fruit. Each cluster of it can only set a few fruits. Although the higher the land, the more oxygen poor it is, the better it is, but it also grows slowly, prone to stunting and early death.

Therefore, growing Gesha is both a gift and a challenge for farmers.

Unique taste, perfect

Gesha Panama the most expensive coffee in the world

With just a glass of Gesha Panam, you will be roaming the endless field of flavors. The fruity taste comes slowly, not massively, from one scent to another, but the lingering aftertaste will make you feel numb for a long time.

With the first sip, you will feel a rich bouquet blooming in your mouth with notes of hibiscus, jasmine and even lavender – sweet notes.

Not only floral scent, but Gesha also leads you to a fruit-filled garden with citrus fruits such as orange, pink grapefruit, along with the sweet and sour taste of peach blossom tea. When the cup of coffee has cooled down, its taste will change too, you will feel through the taste of a smoother and sweeter tropical fruit garden.

If only that was the case, this expensive coffee recipe would not surprise everyone. The scent of flowers and fruits has passed, but the cup of coffee is still around because the aftertaste is as gentle as long slender fingers caressing human emotions. The coffee drifts down the throat and the alcohol leaves a faint aftertaste in the palate, the distinct and dense flavors make you satisfied from the light and creamy man with a little taste of assam tea (an Indian black tea) and lemon. honey, in the end like a fine butter pudding.

Long distance transportation

Gesha Panama the most expensive coffee in the world

From the land of Panama across the ocean, Gesha traveled a long way across the sea, over the mountains to reach the city. The transportation process must be both fast and ensure that the flavor of the coffee beans is preserved without causing them to be damaged, affected by the surrounding conditions that always cause headaches for suppliers. Their job is to protect the intact coffee beans and deliver it to their beloved customers.

Thus, from a seed, Gesha develops into a mature tree, produces qualified fruits, is preliminarily processed, is dried in the sun for 8 hours, and then goes through a long way to reach it. roasters with the aim of sending new flavors to precious friends. It is indeed a series of journeys with the relentless efforts of many people.

So, do you still feel that Gesha coffee is too expensive?


43 Factory Coffee Roaster is honored to accompany Gesha Panama


Because the price is too high, there are not many establishments to choose this coffee variety in Vietnam. But with a great passion for coffee beans as well as a dream to bring users the best flavors, the Workshop has decided to choose Gesha Panama as its friend in the near future.

As a roaster with the motto “Find the origin” and absolute respect for the origin of each bean, we are committed to bringing to our customers the most original Panama Geshas. By roasting the light roaster, the quintessential flavors and diverse identities inside Gesha will be preserved and blossomed. Through each cup of coffee, you can feel the soil conditions, the wind blowing in the Ethiopia growing area.

The News category has just sent readers objective information about the price of Gesha Panama coffee. Come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to feel more.

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