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The secret to ensuring consistency for each batch of specialty coffee of roasters


Every time you buy specialty roasted coffee beans with the right taste, perhaps everyone wants the taste of the next time to be as intact as that time. But how to ensure consistency for each batch of specialty coffee when roasting? This is a question that is not easy to answer, because the quality of coffee beans can be affected by many factors that affect the roasting process, from temperature, time, humidity. In this article, Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover some secrets to being able to roast specialty coffee consistently!


Determination of consistency in specialty coffee roasting


Consistency in coffee roasting means the ability to reproduce the designed roast profile for a given coffee, no matter how many times or how much you roast. This requires the roaster to control the variables that affect the roasting process, such as temperature, time, airflow, humidity, and pressure. Because when roasting coffee, small adjustments in temperature and airflow will affect the flavor of green coffee. Professional roasters can control the distinctive flavor of coffee by increasing or decreasing these factors at different points in the roasting process.

However, after building the desired roast profile, the problem is how to maintain it. A roaster is considered consistent if each finished batch of coffee has the same taste as the previous batch. The taste of coffee beans will not fluctuate between roasts and when consumers buy the same coffee will have a similar experience (although there may be some differences due to personal taste). . This is important because consistently delivering high-quality products is the cornerstone of a specialty coffee roaster’s branding. This is also one of the key steps to retaining loyal customers because it gives customers great, consistent flavors from high-quality coffee beans.

tính nhất quán trong quá trình rang cà phê đặc sản


Measuring the consistency of a batch of specialty coffees after roasting


According to Morten Münhow, a coffee roaster and lecturer and researcher at Coffee Mind in Denmark, there are many factors that can change the quality of coffee from one roast to another. However, we can also gauge the consistency of the roasting process using the metrics from the roaster. Those data metrics are:

– Precise time and temperature when first explosion occurs

– Air temperature in the room

– Coffee bean finish time and temperature

– Loss rate of grain weight during roasting

– Agtron or ColorTrack measurement

In particular, the Agtron or ColorTrack measurement is a common measurement that rnagists often use to measure “color”. An Agtron or ColorTrack device shines light on a sample of coffee beans, before giving a reading based on the color (opacity) of the sample used. The higher the number, the lighter the roast. For example, an Agtron score of around 70 is considered a light roast, around 55-60 is a medium roast, and a dark roast is 35-25.

Morten says Coffee Mind and Stronghold used the Stronghold S7X to roast multiple batches of coffee to get the same Agtron results for each batch using the same heat and time parameters.

Consistency was calculated by comparing the mean difference in Agtron scores between batches. After roasting the first batch of the day, the roaster was able to reproduce the same roast profile with an average error of 0.7 Agtron.

tính nhất quán trong quá trình rang cà phê đặc sản


The secret to maintaining consistency for each batch of roasted specialty coffee


Coffee beans are the source of flavor, so choosing specialty coffee beans of clear origin, carefully picked and processed is always a top priority for roasters. The worker will filter and retain fresh coffee beans, remove moldy, damaged, or unusually scented coffee beans to preserve more flavor and aroma.

The professional roaster must then build and fine-tune the roasting profile settings to suit each type of coffee and adhere to them precisely for each roast. However, humans cannot avoid mistakes when working with many people on the same roasting machine. Therefore, Morten – a coffee roasting expert advises to create a serious work habit and minimize outside interference. Professional roasters always plan their work before they start roasting and make sure no one disturbs them. They just focus heavily on roasting and don’t do anything else during that time to get the same quality and delicious roasted specialty coffees.

In addition, to increase consistency for each batch of specialty coffee, Morten recommends applying technology to the roasting process. While relying solely on the eyes and nose of an experienced roaster can increase consistency, modern roasters are often more accurate and can provide more information. Morten says the results of Coffee Mind’s research with Stronghold have shown that the Stronghold S7X’s automatic copy mode can mimic the accuracy of even the most trained roasters. For example, the Stronghold S7X Roaster has been proven to accurately reproduce coffee roasting settings. With an average deviation of just 0.7 that allows the S7X’s auto-copy mode to be as accurate as those highly trained on a manual roaster. It also automatically removes the beans after roasting is complete, helping to finish the timing of all roasts consistently. Roasting using this new technology can be difficult for those who have learned how to roast the “classic” method. However, the lack of constant monitoring during roasting helps roasters save time and effort as well as ensure better consistency for each roast.

tính nhất quán trong quá trình rang cà phê đặc sản

It can be seen that the skill of the workers and the support of modern technology are two essential factors that help each batch of specialty coffee always maintain its perfection. If you want to enjoy the same taste of coffee every time, choose XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. At XLIII Coffee, we always select the best coffee beans, roast them on-site by experienced workers and use modern machines to get a batch of specialty coffee with the original taste to bring you the best experience. the best.

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