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SCA Sustainability Award 2023 – Honoring and recognizing great contributions to the future of the coffee industry


Last March 2023 SCA proudly announced the winners of the Sustainability Award categories. This list of honors is a recognition of the dedication, efforts, and achievements of professionals. At the same time, it is also a testament to the bright future and inspiring the sustainable development of the coffee industry for the community. Who are they and what have they contributed to the industry’s future? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.


SCA Sustainability Award Criteria 2023


The 2023 Sustainability Awards are divided into three categories: Business Model, Project, and Individual for excellence in promoting sustainability in the coffee industry and inspiring those around them. The winners of the 2023 SCA Sustainability Award will undergo rigorous evaluation by SCA staff and past winners. Especially, the individual category will be evaluated by an SCA expert and 11 trophy winners from previous years. The jury team will consider the contributions of projects, models and individuals to the coffee industry according to certain criteria to select the final winner. Winners will be officially recognized by SCA at the Re:co Symposium, April 19-20, 2023 in Portland, OR.

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The owner of the 2023 sustainability award


Business model


The business model that won the Sustainability Award this year is Primavera Green Coffee. This is the business model of a coffee importer and exporter specializing in premium coffees from Guatemala and Colombia.

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Primavera Green Coffee always considers economic, environmental and social sustainability as the focus of its activities. The company has applied solar power to the factory, developing an “innovative profit sharing” program to reward employees and manufacturers for special shipments or members of the cooperative. . Primavera Green Coffee also publishes Sustainability reports each year, and transparently and insightfully shares information across the value chain across all aspects of sustainability. Those contributions have played a role in shaping a business model that develops fairly, respects the environment and the farmer community is meaningful to the industry.




Catholic Relief Services (CRS) RENACER Coffee Training School is an outstanding project that won the 2023 Sustainability Award.

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The RENACER Coffee Training School is a project under a partnership between NGOs and private companies. The school focuses on training farmers and farm managers in cost-effective coffee farm improvement, tree management and harvesting methods. In addition to scholarship training, RENACER also assists farmers in marketing their coffee through various channels ensuring that farmers receive a fair share of the coffee’s value. In addition, this project has built a coffee tasting laboratory for farmers to understand and learn how to improve the value of their coffee. After the project was expanded with support from RAICES and NGO programs, RENACER became the representative of a far-reaching model and a place to connect parties based on a sustainable market.




This year’s individual award is very special because two people have won this prestigious award at the same time. These two 2023 SCA Sustainability Award winners both showcased their vision, trajectory, connectivity and commitment to creating a thriving, long-term coffee industry. Therefore, the SCA jury decided to award certificates of merit to both.

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The first was David Griswold. He is the CEO and Founder of Sustainable Harvest Coffee Import and Export. From 1997 to now, Griswold has developed a coffee program and model that greatly contributes to the common good of the industry. Notable highlights include the Transparent Multi-Stakeholder Relationship Coffee model, Let’s Talk Coffee, the Gombe Goodall Tanzania coffee biodiversity and chimpanzee conservation project, the largest sex program in the coffee industry for 40,000 women. Women in the DRC and Rwanda, the Producers of Most Valuable (MPV) program or co-creator of the Question Coffee program for women who grow coffee, managed and owned, etc. coffee awarded the Medal of Commendation to individual leaders for decades of investment and training of coffee farmers in 2018. Especially in 2022, Griswold led his company to the top of 6,000 employees. coffee company on sustainability as assessed by B Lap with a score of 151.4/200.

Co-winner was Jose Rivera. He is the founder and Commercial CEO of Origin Coffee Lab (OCL) – exporter in Cajamarca, Peru. Jose’s life is dedicated to adding value to Peruvian coffee on the world market and improving the living conditions of farmers through sustainable practices. He started from picking coffee to roasting, grinding, separating and to managing an export company. More than that, Jose was the one who managed to bring Pure coffee to the Good Food Awards and took second place in the competition. From here he began his journey to resurrect the coffee reputation of his country in the world market. In 2017, he founded OCL in Peru and started teaching, inspiring local farmers about the value of the coffee they grow and giving them the opportunity to produce better coffee with long-term sustainable benefits. Coffee farmers who come to OCL receive comprehensive training in both techniques, sustainable processes and business models. At the same time, together with his associates, he has worked with more than 360 producers and partners to increase the profit margins of producers and growers. So Jose has helped the coffee community create breakthroughs and lasting growth.


The value SCA Sustainability Award brings to the industry’s future


The models, projects and individuals that have won the SCA Sustainability Award have all made great contributions to helping the coffee industry cope with challenges ranging from climate change to gender inequality. These items all make practical contributions to changing thinking and shaping behavior in order to create a prosperous and best coffee industry for society. In addition, the winners of the Sustainability Award also play an important role in connecting and collaborating between geographical and cultural regions around the world through sharing their own experiences and accumulations. contributions for the benefit of the entire industry.

Those awards are not only the temporary glory of individuals and organizations, but also show the interest of society and a solid future on the sustainability of the coffee industry. As SCA’s Director of Sustainability said, SCA has recognized the models, projects, and work of outstanding individuals in the Sustainability Awards that have helped push industry boundaries and facilitate progress. superior set. He also emphasized that this year’s Sustainability Award winners remind everyone that the sustainable development journey of the coffee industry is a joint effort of the whole community. Sustainability is not a goal but a way of thinking and acting for the common good of coffee and everyone.

It can be seen that whether it is an individual or a project, the business model of an organization or a collective has made very practical and comprehensive contributions to gender equality and sustainability from environment to trade. The winners of the SCA Sustainability Award deserve to be recognized as the bright spot, the pride of the coffee world and the whole society. It also shows that the coffee industry is still being protected and will develop for a long time with the cooperation of the whole community.

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has sent you information about the SCA Sustainability Award 2023. Please read the next articles to update other useful information.

Source: SCA

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