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Are Gesha Coffee Varieties Becoming Obscure in the Specialty Coffee World?


Gesha coffee varieties have been lauded by enthusiasts as a symbol of precious and exceedingly rare coffees since their debut in 2004 at the Best of Panama auction. This marked a significant milestone, propelling Gesha into the spotlight within the specialty coffee market. With a groundbreaking price of 21 USD/Ib (514,395 VND/Ib), Gesha set a world record and became a luminous star in the coffee industry. However, in recent years, there has been a growing interest among coffee roasters in other rare and exclusive coffee varieties such as Wush Wush, Sidra, Eugenioides, and Pink Bourbon. This raises questions about whether Gesha varieties are gradually losing their prominence and becoming less popular in the market. Is this true? Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Gesha Coffee Varieties Leading the Category of Extremely Rare Coffees


In the realm of specialty coffee, Gesha is considered by experts to be the first extremely rare coffee. Discovered in the 1930s in Ethiopia’s Gesha region, it was later transported to research centers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Costa Rica. In the 1960s, Don Francisco Serracín of Don Pachi Estate planted this variety in the western Boquete region of Panama. Over nearly four decades, Gesha gradually garnered the affection of producers and gained popularity throughout growing regions in Panama. Until 2004, Hacienda La Esmeralda, a Gesha producer, achieved a potential breakthrough by breaking the price record at the Best of Panama auction. From that point on, the reputation of this coffee variety soared, consistently leading the rankings in almost all extremely rare coffee auctions. Moreover, consumers, suppliers, and roasters have continually sought and been willing to pay high prices to acquire Gesha varieties. For instance, super rare Gesha coffee lots from the Ninety Plus brand were valued at 10,000 USD/kg (approximately 244,950,000 VND/kg) at the 2019 auction. Coffee lots produced by Elida Estate were sold at the Lamastus Family Estates auction in 2022 for the equivalent of 12,068 USD/kg (295,605,660 VND/kg) – the highest price ever. In the 2023 Best of Panama auction, the highest bid for all types of coffee was 10,005 USD/kg (245,072,475 VND/kg), belonging to a type of wet-processed Gesha.

giống cà phê Gesha

Hacienda La Esmeralda’s Gesha coffee breaks price record at Best of Panama 2004 auction


Are Gesha Varieties Gradually Losing Their Position?


Since its bright appearance at Best of Panama in 2004, Gesha has been the preferred choice of the majority of baristas for high-class coffee competitions, both at the national and international levels. However, in recent years, its prevalence has dwindled. Some baristas have shifted to using new coffee varieties or exclusive coffees from famous farms. Notably, at the recent World Barista Championship and Brewers Cup, there has been significant interest in coffee varieties such as Eugenioides, Sidra, Pink Bourbon, and others. Nevertheless, according to James Fairbrass, an expert in the high-end coffee industry from Oregon, USA, conclusions about the decline in popularity of Gesha varieties cannot be drawn solely from competition appearances. Competition perspectives are relatively narrow, representing only a small corner of the vast coffee world. Therefore, it is not prudent to rely on them for making general assessments for the entire industry. On the other hand, based on Fairbrass’s experience, market demand for Gesha coffee remains high. Most roasters and consumers are still willing to pay a premium for this type of coffee. Furthermore, when examining various coffee auctions, from Cup of Excellence to Best of Panama and private auctions, it becomes evident that most of the highest-scoring and highest-valued coffees are usually Gesha. This underscores that Gesha remains a bright and valuable coffee variety in the specialty coffee world.

giống cà phê Gesha

The popularity of Gesha coffee remains high


Why Do Gesha Coffee Varieties Always Shine Brightly?


Despite the emergence of new rare coffee varieties, Gesha continues to hold an indelible position in the specialty coffee world. Analysts attribute this to the uniqueness of its taste, quality, and rarity. Gesha boasts a diverse flavor profile with extremely rare floral and tea-like characteristics. This uniqueness captivates consumers, driving them to invest significant effort in their pursuit of Gesha. Moreover, Gesha often receives a score above 90 SCA/100 according to the Specialty Coffee Association’s evaluation scale. With such a high score, the coffee beans are considered nearly perfect, delivering a sophisticated and classy experience that is hard to find in regular coffee. Therefore, Gesha remains the preferred choice for consumers, baristas, and coffee experts seeking to experience high-quality specialty coffee.

giống cà phê Gesha

Gesha still holds an unforgettable position in the specialty coffee world thanks to its difference in flavor

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