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USAID kicks off $8.2 million coffee and cocoa agroforestry project in Indonesia


Cocoa and coffee are important exports that contribute largely to the Indonesian economy and the livelihoods of more than four million households. However, agricultural activities here do not focus on sustainability, leading to deforestation and heavily degraded land. In addition, climate change is also a dilemma that is seriously threatening businesses, farmers as well as the agricultural industry of this country. To improve this situation, USAID has built a coffee and cocoa agroforestry project in Indonesia. Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster now.


What is USAID?


USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is the United States Agency for International Development. It is considered the world’s leading international development agency in promoting development and enhancing America’s position globally. USAID focuses on activities to enhance national security, economic prosperity, and aid to other countries to demonstrate the generosity and goodwill of the country and the American people.

dự án nông lâm kết hợp cà phê và cacao tại Indonesia


USAID’s Cocoa and Coffee Agroforestry Project in Indonesia


The goal of the great project


Sustainable and Adaptable Cocoa and Coffee Agroforestry Project (LASCARCOCO) is being started by USAID with a budget of $8.2 million. LASCARCOCO is designed to improve environmental sustainability, climate change resilience and market access for coffee and cocoa farmers, while improving smallholder livelihoods. in rural Indonesia.

dự án nông lâm kết hợp cà phê và cacao tại Indonesia


Comprehensive cooperation to achieve the goal


To implement the project, USAID has partnered with Olam Food Ingredients (ofi), Rikolto, Hershey’s, and the Government of Indonesia to promote sustainable cocoa and coffee farming practices. The project will have policies to support and encourage local farmers to apply agroforestry measures to increase forest cover and diversify crops, and enhance adaptability to weather changes. or disaster. Not only about the environment USAID is interested in activities to improve long-term stable livelihoods; establish a sustainable supply chain; promote sustainable landscape management activities and supply chains for cocoa and coffee production.

dự án nông lâm kết hợp cà phê và cacao tại Indonesia


Widely deployed throughout Indonesia


According to the US Agency for International Development, this project will be implemented throughout suitable areas of Indonesia such as Tanah Karo and Simalungun districts in North Sumatra province, Luwu Utara district in South Sulawesi province, Ngada and Manggarai districts. in East Nusa Tenggara province. Farmers will be thoroughly trained and guided in the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques in sustainable production as well as measures to cope with climate change.


Expected results


Through research, calculation, and measurement, USAID promises 5,500 cocoa farmers and 1,000 coffee farmers proficient in sustainable agroforestry practices. The project also improves the management of over 15,000 hectares of watershed forests and vegetation surrounding cocoa and coffee growing areas. Thereby increasing biodiversity, shade coverage, soil health and the long-term health of crops and reducing up to 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the environment during production.

dự án nông lâm kết hợp cà phê và cacao tại Indonesia

According to USAID’s forecast, the coffee and cocoa agroforestry project will effectively support the Indonesian agricultural sector to balance economic growth, restoration, and conservation of biodiversity and the natural environment. It will also help farmers have a more stable and sustainable livelihood. Do you find this project promising? Follow 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to update information about it!


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