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New finding: Adding milk to coffee can reduce inflammation


When affected by bacteria or experiencing physical trauma, the body will become inflamed with redness, swelling, and pain. This is a biological response that helps cells protect themselves. However, if inflammation persists, it can lead to chronic infection, which negatively affects your health. Therefore, scientists researched a series of solutions with anti-inflammatory effects. Recently, a research group at Copenhagen University discovered that adding milk to coffee can reduce inflammation. Discover more at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Research has found that adding milk to coffee can reduce inflammation


According to research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, adding milk to coffee can increase the natural anti-inflammatory effects of immune cells. Coffee contains substances with high antioxidant properties, particularly polyphenols. These substances, when combined with some amino acids and proteins in milk, can inhibit inflammation. When these enter the body, polyphenol molecules, amino acids, and proteins bind together. This combination can double the anti-inflammatory properties of the cells. According to Professor Marianne Nissen Lund of the University of Copenhagen, adding milk to coffee causes polyphenols to react with amino acids. Substances produced then help increase the inflammation-inhibiting effect of polyphenols. This suggests that combining coffee and milk may have beneficial effects on inflammation in humans.

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Research shows that combining coffee and milk can have beneficial effects on inflammation


How do you use milk and coffee to effectively reduce inflammation?


Essentially, adding milk and coffee enhances the anti-inflammatory properties of polyphenols while also leading to increased release of anti-inflammatory compounds, which may improve health outcomes. However, experts do not recommend the use of polyphenols in high concentrations. Furthermore, the reaction between substances may vary depending on the dose and degree of combination. Exceeding a specific level can negatively impact the body with the substances produced. Therefore, to enjoy the maximum benefits of milk and coffee, you should use it in a sufficient amount. Input materials such as coffee and milk should be carefully selected to ensure quality. For milk, choose low-fat, unsweetened varieties such as oat milk or nut milk. As for coffee, prioritize pure beans, grind them yourself, and prepare them at home to optimize the content most suitable for your body.

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Adding milk and coffee will enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of polyphenols

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