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Lycello Coffee is an excellent representative of Ninety Plus

Lycello Coffee is an excellent representative of Ninety Plus. This coffee was raised on the Ninety Plus farm and then flourished into a prominent name. To create Lycello coffee, Ninety Plus farm had to meet difficult and challenging farming conditions.


Lycello coffee from Ninety Plus


Lycello coffee

Lycello is a coffee from Ninety Plus Coffee Estates farm in Silla de Pando – Republic of Panama. Ninety Plus is no longer a strange name for those who love specialty coffee. This place has produced quality specialty coffees, scoring high on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale, including Lycello.

The Lycello coffee profile was first used by Stefanos Domationtis from Taf Coffee – Greece at the 2014 World Brewers Cup competition and achieved an extremely high score of 91.25 points.

Ninety Plus Farm has provided Lycello coffee with the most suitable growing conditions. Specifically:

– Soil conditions: Volcanic soil rich in nutrients from 400-500 years old

– Cultivated variety: Gesha.

+ Gesha Coffee Flavor

+ Features of Gesha Coffee Cultivation

– Altitude: 1500 – 1700m above sea level


Lycello coffee from Ninety Plus impressed with its special taste


Lycello coffee

Coffee beans are small but contain layers of aroma. Depending on the characteristics of the environment and growing area, each type of eggplant will have its own unique aroma.

Lycello is a coffee of the Gesha variety – the most expensive coffee on the planet, so it also inherits arrogance and nobility from its nature. When drinking Lycello coffee, slowly feel, you will see a faint scent of litchi, gardenia and mint. The great thing does not stop there, with just a cup of coffee, you can feel the movement and change of the aroma.

When enjoying hot, you will feel the aroma of jasmine, orange, oolong tea. If served warm, the flavor will be a bit stronger with lychee, lemon and tangerine. Towards the end, the fruit flavor will be clearer and sweeter, especially when used cold. At this point, you can recognize a little characteristic of longan, green apple, freshness of fruit.

To get this flavor sublimation, farmers, washing stations, roasters, … must coordinate and follow the same rules. First, the coffee beans must ensure that they are fresh, round and healthy. Next, the processing methods are also very important. Each method will have its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different criteria of each customer (Discover the 4 most important methods of preparing Specialty coffee). In addition, the roasting method will directly determine the change of the flavor of the beans (Compare the three basic roasting levels).


43 Factory Coffee Roaster brings Lycello coffee closer to users


With the desire to explore and bring to users new and quality specialty coffees, of course, the Workshop cannot miss the excellent Lycello coffee. This is 43 Factory’s first collaboration with Ninety Plus Gesha Estates to bring back premium Lycello coffees.

The Lycello seeds that the Workshop uses were harvested in March 2022, so freshness and freshness are always guaranteed. The preliminary processing method that the factory chooses is the wet method (Washed), which is roasted at an extremely light level to fully preserve the original notes of the coffee beans. You will get the exact taste of Lycello beans without the added flavors due to the roasting process.

Lycello coffee

Lycello coffee is available at 43 Factory Coffee with the following prices:

– 2,200,000 VND / 1 box of 150 grams of coffee beans

– 500,000 VND/ 1 cup

Each box is compressed with nitrogen gas to preserve coffee beans. In addition, when purchasing, you can also ask for the Mill or leave the seeds whole. The staff is always enthusiastic to advise and guide customers on how to prepare to reach the standard taste. Contact 0799.343.943 or visit the website for 24/7 support.

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