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Dry coffee processing

The processing method has a great influence on the taste and quality of the coffee beans. How is the dry coffee processing done? What are the standards of coffee dry processing?


History of dry coffee processing


Preliminary processing of coffee is the process of separating the coffee bean from the main coffee fruit, removing the outer layer of skin and protective mucus. This process has a great impact on the quality of the coffee beans. Even if the coffee is harvested carefully, correctly and according to the correct process, the processing is not correct and appropriate, the value of the coffee cannot be guaranteed. Preliminary processing errors can increase defects and lose the advantages of the product. Depending on the method used for each type of coffee, time, investment costs and natural resources also have certain requirements. The application of effective and sustainable methods is receiving more and more attention.

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The dry coffee processing method (dry/natural) was first used in Ethiopian coffee, 9 centuries ago, and is considered the oldest pre-processing method. This method is quite common in regions where there is no water such as Ethiopia and parts of Brazil. This is the traditional method of many regions. This pre-processing process has little change.

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How is the dry coffee processing method done?


Instead of using processes that involve extracting or removing the outer skin, the dry coffee processing uses the original coffee cherries to dry in the sun. The method allows the beans to absorb all the fruit flavors hidden in the ripe coffee cherries. Coffee meets the standards when it has a moisture content of 10-12%. This method is mainly done manually, using very little machinery (if any). Because of this, this method sometimes carries more risks because it depends largely on human skill.

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In the dry coffee processing, harvested coffee is spread in thin layers and dried or dried on drying racks, under the direct influence of the sun. Preliminary processing stations have different points depending on the size of the farm or the farming area. Some use brick patios; Others use special drying racks to help air circulate around the coffee cherries. Based on the heat and the level of sunlight during the day, coffee is considered to be dried or put in a shady area to limit the negative effects of sunlight. To prevent mold, rot or fermentation, the cherries are turned regularly. After being dried, the skin and flesh of the coffee are removed mechanically and the green coffee is transported to storage before export.

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The disadvantage of this method is the lack of synchronization. Therefore, it is a necessary requirement that rigorous testing and tasting should be carried out to ensure a uniform taste. Normally, coffee harvested and sorted in a batch needs to be of equal quality in all beans.

Dry coffee processing can also be done in another way, through a technique known as “pasa”. Instead of being harvested and dried on the floor, the coffee cherries are left whole and dried right on the tree. This method gives a slightly different flavor.

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The taste of dry pre-processed coffee


Coffee prepared by the self-drying method will have a very different taste, the acidity is also limited. With this experience, this method creates two streams of opinions: some like it and some don’t. The natural processing adds a fruity and sweet taste to the coffee beans. Typical flavors are blueberry, raspberry and wine. Dry processed coffee when compared to wet processed coffee has a taste similar to red wine, creating a different and novel feeling when enjoying. Coffee products have a clear flavor spectrum, are easier to exploit than the other two methods, and are easily accessible to the enjoyer. However, they can also be annoying for those who don’t like the wild look.

The method is relatively environmentally friendly because the amount of waste after the final product is generated is very little.

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