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Specialty Coffee:

The perfect experience

for a coffee connoisseur

Do you know? Specialty Coffee was born to create a powerful revolution around the world. Specialty coffee is appreciated not only for its taste but also for its creation. So far, Specialty has conquered many connoisseurs of coffee because of its irreplaceable quality. So what are coffee lovers looking for at Specialty Coffee shops, follow the extremely interesting article below!

Journey to Find Original Taste at Specialty Coffee Shop in the middle of Da Nang

Have you heard of comedian Adam Sandler saying: ‘All I want is to grow old with you” and it is true of my eternal love for Specialty Coffee.

Knowing and learning about Specialty Coffee, also known as specialty coffee 2 years ago. What makes me admire and admire is how elaborate the Specialty Coffee product process is.

From well-tested potential farms to roasting and processing, geography blends, creating a world-famous superb coffee flavor.

Books were not enough, a curious nature made me determined to find for myself a Specialty coffee shop with original taste in the heart of Da Nang. To authenticate this coffee flavor, why spend so much ink.

Luckily, I have found the dear name “workshop” that I give to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. The outside has a sturdy beauty, and inside is the convergence of world-famous coffee beans. 

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Specialty Coffee is to Enjoy and Enjoy

Everyone has a different way of drinking coffee. Some people view the cup of coffee as simply a drink to gather with friends. Others use coffee as an antidote to sleepiness. As for me, coffee is to enjoy and enjoy a new start with energy.

Knowing 43 Factory Coffee Roaster was like a predestined relationship for me. The workshop brought out the most original Specialty coffees, clearly depicting each growing region. The curvaceous and plump flavors make it seem like I find myself when tasting coffee here.


How a Specialty Coffee is made

A premium coffee of high quality is likened to a delicacy. It took a long journey for Specialty Coffee to work here. Coffee seeds are selected in potential farms, good seed sources, and climatic factors. From nutrients creeping underground during farming. The love and affection from the farmer brought out the sweetest ripe coffee fruits.

Then, the coffee processing step, through the stages of wet preliminary processing, dry preliminary processing by strict regulations. Over thousands of miles to many countries, preservation is always the most important. The error of temperature, packaging, and preservation will cause the quality of coffee flavor to decline.

Next, the coffee roasting stage is extremely important to determine the taste of coffee or not. During the roasting process, the worker will always make adjustments to promote the best taste of the coffee bean.

Enjoy coffee in “workshop” stimulates all senses from hearing to taste. Coffee flavor is deep and sour, sweet taste blends together. It is thanks to the Barista who has a lot of experience in the processing that has such quintessential results.


43 Factory Coffee Roaster – Specialty Coffee Shop For Love Experiences

Enter the workshop and feel the passionate aroma of coffee covering the space here. Choose an extremely impressive location, delicately decorated, just the bar area. I confidently ordered a Specialty Coffee and observed the way the Barista cooks. The bartender clacked, carefully measuring each milligram of coffee. To my surprise, I thought, “Well then, Specialty Coffee is done so meticulously, so elaborately.”

Not only that, but I also got Barista told stories that I have never heard about Specialty Coffee. Origin of specialty coffee beans, enjoying coffee properly. The enthusiasm of the staff and the random chats that make me love the “workshop” are always not good.

Just like that, I come to “workshop” more regularly, because “workshop” gives me valuable experiences. Coffee with people here makes me feel life is not rushed but full of excitement, no noise but full of passion. I confess a few times I went to this Specialty cafe, just to see the people here work, they are young, hustle and optimistic. Everything is so rhythmic, making me feel more in love than ever!

You know that! The specialty coffee cup looks so simple but contains the essence of heaven and earth. If you are looking for a soul mate to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee. Do not hesitate to visit 43 Factory Coffee Roaster yet!




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