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Nutty/Cocoa – Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel


In previous articles, we have popularized the characteristics of fruity, floral, and sour flavors in coffee,… This article will switch to darker but sweeter flavor tones. And also full of charm: Nutty/Cocoa – Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel.



Describe the taste of the Nutty/Cocoa Group


These flavors are warm, deep and sensual. That is the description of nuts, rich chocolate, and sweet caramel. Would you prefer the richness of dark chocolate, almonds or hazelnuts? Caramel or maple syrup?

Specialty in Viet Nam

The purpose of the flavor circle is to equip the rewarder with a standardized set of flavor descriptors. Moreover, for the Nutty/Cocoa group, thanks to it, we have more imagination than just stopping at the introductory notes of cocoa beans or the taste of beans. What would be the specific description of the particle? Is it hazelnuts, almonds or peanuts…? Moreover, cocoa beans will lean towards the fat of milk chocolate or dark chocolate’s bitter and slightly sour.


Nutty/Cocoa sub-category groups


You can go down to the ultimate quantum level with a drink as nuanced as coffee. You will find plenty of great flavor profiles that you will be interested in.

Nutty subgroup

Description of a slightly sweet, brown, woody, oily, musty, astringent and bitter aroma. They are often combined with legumes and grains.

Specialty in Viet Nam

– Peanuts: A sweet aroma, light brown, oily, slightly musty/dusty

– Hazelnut: Woody, brown, sweet, with a slightly musty/earthly smell, slightly cedar. May include floral, bean, oil, and slightly bitter flavors

– Almond: A sweet, light brown, woody and buttery fragrance with floral and fruity notes, including rose, cherry and apricot. It can also be slightly smoky.

Cocoa subgroup

It describes a brown, sweet, often bitter aroma associated with cocoa beans, cocoa powder and chocolate bars.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Chocolate: A blend of cocoa, including cocoa butter and dark roasted aromatics of varying intensities.

– Dark Chocolate: An intense blend of cocoa and cocoa butter, including dark roasted notes, spicy, burnt and higher bitterness.

Specialty in Viet Nam

For those who want to enjoy more bright flavors, such as fruits and flowers in coffee, the Nutty/Cocoa group is not popular. However, this group of flavours gives us a clear sense of the body and body of the best coffee. The aftertaste often lingers for a long time with the sweetness of nuts. Hopefully, you will have a new taste experience with these brown-toned notes.

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