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The truth behind the continuous improvement of exclusive coffee processing methods


Nowadays, manufacturers and farmers are continuously innovating and implementing more diverse coffee processing methods to stand out in the specialty coffee market. This makes the flavor profiles of coffees extremely unique and rich. But what about the quality of the coffee? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Competitive markets make farmers strive to innovate coffee processing methods


In any field, continuous innovation and development is always the key to driving growth, and the same is true in the specialty coffee industry. The market is increasingly popular, the number of people joining and participating in production is increasing. Without creating unique and attractive features for their products, it will be difficult for farmers to survive when the level of competition is increasingly fierce as at present. In addition, consumer behavior also puts pressure on coffee producers. They tend to prefer attractive and delicious coffees. So manufacturers always strive to control, adjust, and experiment to create deep, appealing flavors or increase cupping points for their coffee batches.

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Does innovating coffee processing methods help farmers increase their income?


The creation of exclusive processing methods is necessary to increase the competitive position of farmers in the market. Many new processing methods create coffee beans with distinct flavors, making them especially popular with customers. For example, some carbonic soaking, lactic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation processes can make coffee sweeter and richer. This helps farmers increase the value of their coffee significantly and secure long-term, guaranteed purchasing contracts.

However, consumer tastes are constantly changing. The specialty coffee market is always vibrant with countless different flavors. Not all types of coffee with special flavors are accepted by consumers. Most customers are familiar with old brands. If farmers only focus on upgrading uniqueness and neglecting quality, it will be difficult for farmers to compete and survive long term. Furthermore, improving processing methods requires a long process of research and testing and large enough financial resources to maintain and develop. Not prioritizing quality first will make consumers “quickly bored” and increase financial risks for farmers.

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Sustainability of innovating coffee processing methods


With so many advanced processing methods used in specialty coffee, coffee can have impacts throughout the entire industry’s value chain. A scientist in Colombia experimented with the fermentation process with bacteria and said that some types of yeast and bacteria can create an imbalance of nature and the originality of coffee.

Many manufacturers, in pursuit of profit, use chemical flavorings to create a variety of flavors. These substances break down the natural structure of coffee, causing the original flavor to be obscured. Moreover, the processing processes can also marinate and turn poor quality coffee into coffee with many layers of unique flavors. This artificiality not only loses the real value and farming efforts, but also affects the interests of consumers, losing the sustainability of the entire industry.

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Innovation in coffee processing methods needs to be properly evaluated and consistent with the overall development of the coffee industry. Improvements in processing methods should be a means to develop the potential flavors and inherent compounds of the coffee bean, highlighting the unique character of each coffee variety or growing region. From there, creating a stepping stone for customers to easily access and discover the beauty of each coffee growing area around the world; At the same time, increase the value and income of farmers and develop the industry in a sustainable way.

phương pháp chế biến cà phê

Even though they are facing a competitive market, farmers and manufacturers must still focus on quality along with uniqueness. Ensuring coffee value is created based on respect for effort, dedication and shared vision is not easy. If the market favors innovation in fragrances without demanding or paying wages commensurate with quality standards, farmers may ignore this. So, use specialty coffee beans that are both delicious and grown according to sustainable standards from XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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