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Kemgin Coffee – Gesha Panama



The world of Specialty coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster opens again and welcomes a new member: Gesha Kemgin – Panama. This is one of the coffee varieties that are sold at a high price with good reviews for the impeccable quality of the taste. Let’s exploit the information surrounding this special coffee together.


Geography of Kemgin coffee growing area


Currently, Kemgin coffee is cultivated on the Ninety Plus Candela farm in the Barú plateau, Piedra De Candela region, Chiriquí province. This is a town located about 357km west of Panama City.

Panama is a Central American country best known for the Panama Canal, an artificial waterway that opened in 1914. The canal cuts through the country, connecting the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic) with the Pacific Ocean. The canal is owned and managed by the Republic of Panama; it is one of the two most strategic artificial waterways in the world (the other being the Suez Canal in Egypt).

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Panama’s landscape is primarily mountainous, covered with rainforest and jungle. The highest point in Panama is the Volcán Barú, an active stratum at 3,475 m (11,460 feet) located to the west, near the border with Costa Rica.

The Barú Plateau is an active volcano and the highest mountain in Panama, 3,474 meters high. 35km from the Costa Rica border, it is the twelfth-highest peak in Central America (according to Wikipedia).

Kemgin coffee is planted in Volcán Barú. This is surrounded by an excellent, fertile plateau area drained by the Chiriquí Viejo and Caldera rivers. The towns of Volcán and Cerro Punta can be found on its western slopes, while Boquete lies on its eastern flank.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Kemgin coffee belongs to the Gesha variety, grown on volcanic soil with an age of about 400 – 500 years old at an altitude of 1200-1550 Masl. The weathering of volcanic materials forms volcanic soils. This group of soils has unique physical and chemical properties mainly due to the formation of poorly or non-crystalline mineral substances and the accumulation of organic matter. Volcanic soil has good fertility and supports the growth of coffee trees.


Processing methods affect the taste of Kemgin coffee


Kemgin coffee of the Gesha variety is cultivated by the producer at Ninety Plus Gesha Estates. The farm was designed with inspiration from coffee trees that grow wild in their natural habitat in Ethiopia. Heirloom varieties, especially Gesha, live very long – up to 100 years or more – and produce relatively small quantities of coffee with excellent flavor quality. Coffee, after being carefully selected will be brought to wet processing (Washed). This process takes place with the help of controlled temperature and fermentation time.

With this method, the finished green kernel product is of uniform quality. It will especially keep the outstanding, unique and distinctive notes of the Gesha variety. The flavor will bring a slightly sour, sweet taste of lemon and orange flowers; or the smell of jasmine tea. Enjoy the hot heat; the scent of jasmine, cantaloupe and green lemon will appear clearly. Transitioning to a cooling state will be steeped apricots, herbal teas, and ginger. Furthermore, finally ends with the elegant sweet aftertaste of honey. For Kemgin coffee, the most apparent acidic characteristics are in the citric (including lemon, orange, and citrus fruits) and malic (acidic apple) groups.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Thanks to the uniqueness and richness of flavor in quality, Kemgin coffee is highly appreciated with a score of 92 based on SCA’s coffee quality grading standard.

Transparency on Kemgin coffee prices


43 Factory Coffee Roaster always aims for transparency in the Speciality coffee supply chain. Kemgin Coffee is factory owned and imported directly from Ninety Plus farm. The process of supplying green coffee products with the price paid to the manufacturer is 40 USD/kg of green beans. FOB and DDP prices are 50.8 USD/kg and 1,671,320 VND/kg, respectively


Achievements of Kemgin coffee in the international competitions


Along with the companion of Kemgin coffee, George Koustoumpardis of The Underdog had a convincing victory at World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship 2015. Using Kemgin coffee as the main ingredient for two drinks: Coffee Beer and Irish Coffee, he won the championship with a score of 351, far away from the runner-up Ondrej Hurtik with a score of 278.

Currently, George Koustoumpardis is working for Ninety Plus as the Quality Manager of Coffee. He is responsible for the green grading, sample roasting and daily harvest assessment at Ninety Plus Gesha Estates.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

With meticulousness and diligence in a whole production supply chain, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster hopes to bring customers the perfect experience. You can visit the Workshop to enjoy delicious coffee cups and more of the pure flavor of Kemgin – Gesha Panama coffee beans.

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