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Unlocking Robusta’s Potential: WCR Embarks on Advanced Breeding Research


In May 2023, World Coffee Research (WCR) published two publications for Robusta coffee producers. These are the Robusta Varieties, and Robusta Compound Categories. After its release, researchers and manufacturers gradually discovered the new potential of Robusta coffee. Thus, WCR Embarks on Advanced Breeding Research to increase global Robusta coffee production through research and advanced breeding of Robusta coffee. Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Market development potential for Robusta coffee


According to Dr. Tania Humphrey – R&D Director at WCR, Robusta currently accounts for 40% of global production and contributes an important part to the export turnover of many coffee-producing countries. Although Robusta Coffee is less appreciated than Arabica in the international market, its market share may continue to grow.

In addition, to many scientific studies, Robusta coffee possesses unexplored genetic diversity characteristics. It also has quality breakthrough potential if certain strict standards and protocols are followed in manufacturing. For example, if best practices are applied to harvesting and processing, the quality of Robusta coffee can improve and become a specialty coffee. When roasted and aged in a way that preserves acidity and sweetness, Robusta’s flavor profiles can also reach diverse scores and profiles. In addition, Robusta varieties have better disease resistance and pest resistance than Arabica varieties. If well-exploited, these characteristics can help farmers adapt to climate change and develop sustainably.

nhân giống cà phê Robusta

Robusta coffee has the potential for breakthroughs in quality that people have not yet fully discovered


WCR promotes research and advanced breeding of Robusta coffee


In the complex context of climate change, the coffee industry is facing major problems with output decline globally. A 2022 study predicted that the area of land suitable for Arabica coffee production will decrease in both scale and suitability by 2050. The main reason is that Arabica coffee is resistant to climate change. The quality is much worse than Robusta coffee. Some farmers gradually switched to varieties with better vigor. However, experts say that to improve Robusta coffee, the industry needs to invest efforts. Currently, Robusta Coffee is facing problems such as lack of supply, diversity of origins, consistency in quality, etc.

Therefore, WCR began to conduct advanced breeding research—robusta coffee breeding. The first phase will be kicked off in 2024. In this initiative, WCR has partnered with the Center de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD) to gain access to a comprehensive collection of Robusta genetic material. From this information, WCR scientists will analyze the potential and commercial value of each variety. The project aims to discover varieties that hold enhanced flavor profiles in enhancing the coffee industry’s ability to adapt to climate change.

nhân giống cà phê Robusta

WCR began researching Robusta coffee breeding to create new high-yield varieties

WCR’s Robusta coffee research and the advanced breeding project could be the first step to breakthroughs for the coffee industry. We may be able to enjoy more unique and new Robusta coffee beans. But if you are looking for specialty coffee products, visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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