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The entire process of experiencing coffee can enhance brain activity


Many people who come to coffee think that the brain-awakening effect of this drink is due to caffeine. However, scientists have discovered that it is not just caffeine that affects nerve cells. Instead, the entire coffee experience can enhance brain activity. This experiential process includes the enjoyment of flavor layers, the sense of taste, and the understanding of what makes up the taste receptors of a cup of coffee. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover this interesting thing!


The study explored the impact of the coffee experience on brain activity


While many reach for coffee to elevate alertness, assuming it’s all thanks to caffeine, science uncovers a hidden truth. There are countless substances in coffee that can affect psychomotor activities, such as chlorogenic acid and other compounds. Therefore, scientists believe that coffee’s brain performance-enhancing effects may not come from caffeine alone.

To delve deeper into the true source of alertness, a research team in Portugal utilized MRI scans, a non-invasive window into brain activity, to study coffee drinkers. This is a functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method that allows the study of the function of the human brain in a non-invasive way during the performance of specific tasks or at rest. Participants were asked to abstain from consuming coffee or caffeine before the MRI scan for a certain period. Then, a group of participants was given coffee containing caffeine in its simple chemical form. The other group was given a cup of caffeinated coffee, similar to what real drinkers might experience daily. Then, the participants were asked to relax and let their minds free during the MRI scan.

trải nghiệm cà phê có thể tăng cường hoạt động của não

Portuguese scientists believe that coffee’s brain-boosting effects may not just come from caffeine.


Finding that coffee experience can enhance brain activity


Through analysis of the scanning process, scientists say that the new coffee experience enhances brain activity. Specific results show that people who drank a cup of coffee had an increase in neural connections in the ‘higher visual network’ along with the ‘appropriate executive control network’. These are the parts of the brain involved in working memory, cognitive control, and goal-directed behavior. This increase makes the body more ready to transition from rest to work after drinking coffee. Meanwhile, the group that only drank caffeine in chemical form and had no experience experiencing coffee did not react to increased nerve activity but only had an imagined feeling of pleasure.

trải nghiệm cà phê có thể tăng cường hoạt động của não

Experiencing black coffee increases brain activity related to working memory and cognitive control

According to the study’s lead author, the analysis took into account several effects of caffeine on the body. He expected that the enhancement of brain activity might be due to caffeine. From there, drinks containing this substance can be researched to find similar effects. However, the results were different from expectations. What drives brain activity involves factors during the coffee experience such as the unique smell and taste of the drink or the psychological expectations associated with enjoying it.

trải nghiệm cà phê có thể tăng cường hoạt động của não

Factors during the coffee experience promote brain activity

It can be seen that the nerve-stimulating effect, improving alertness, and performance is based on the sensory experience of drinking coffee. It is created by the interaction of many compounds in the cup. Therefore, when you need to awaken your brain to work effectively, experience the entire process, enjoy the caress, and build up the energy of the incense layers. XLIII Coffee – The brand developed by 43 Factory Coffee Roaster looks forward to welcoming you to visit and enjoy the uniqueness of specialty coffee.

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