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Environmental protection efforts in the specialty coffee industry


In recent decades, the situation of climate change and resource depletion has become increasingly serious. Industries are starting to focus on transitioning towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Especially in the coffee industry, industry stakeholders are gradually realizing the importance of environmental protection and the value of specialty coffee. They are more interested in improving quality through protecting the origin – where the coffee trees are grown as well as the upstream actors supplying them. To learn about environmental protection efforts in the specialty coffee industry, explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The specialty coffee industry pays higher prices to farmers who cultivate sustainably


The connection between the coffee industry and sustainability is interrelated throughout the entire process from production, transportation to supply to the end user. It requires awareness, consensus and strong commitment of all parties to properly maintain and improve the environment. For specialty coffee, experts believe that the industry needs to focus on protecting origins to develop sustainably. In particular, the necessary and sufficient condition is that farmers have a good income to have enough money to invest and convert to high-quality coffee production while being responsible to the environment.

bảo vệ môi trường trong ngành cà phê đặc sản

Therefore, almost all businesses in the specialty coffee industry claim to pay better prices to manufacturers. Organizations encourage farmers to convert to agroforestry models to neutralize carbon emissions in production. Farmers are supported and committed to reasonable prices when implementing sustainable production measures including paying attention to soil quality, optimizing water consumption, using organic fertilizers, restoring forests and diversifying biology in and around coffee growing areas.

bảo vệ môi trường trong ngành cà phê đặc sản


The specialty coffee industry strives to reduce emissions


In addition to promoting higher prices for farmers to improve production processes, the specialty coffee industry is making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste from the supply stage. Recyclable and biodegradable packaging solutions are continuously researched and applied in all transportation and packaging processes. Businesses actively seek renewable energy sources and make full use of recycled items to limit waste and save resources. Social projects with the goal of educating and supporting farmers in protecting nature are of interest to many parties and have huge budget funding. For example, Carble, an organization that provides solutions to reduce carbon emissions and deforestation in the supply chain, has invested in rewarding and honoring small-scale agroforestry coffee farmers for their contributions. contributes to carbon neutrality.

canh tác cà phê bền vững ảnh hưởng thế nào đến chất lượng cà phê

These efforts not only help protect the environment but also promote the sustainability of the coffee industry, creating a positive value chain while opening up a promising future for both consumers and the planet. XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from its predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a coffee business operating in a sustainable direction. We choose to support Specialty coffee products, produced in a way that is balanced with the natural environment.

cách tìm các nhà rang xay cà phê đặc sản bền vững

The transaction process always ensures fairness in long-term benefits and efforts to maintain and improve the growing area for each partner. We also pay attention to and use recyclable and biodegradable packaging while improving roasting, grinding and mixing processes to save energy and reduce emissions to the environment. If you want to experience specialty coffees and contribute to environmental protection, visit XLIII Coffee!

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