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AVPA’s 9th “Coffees Roasted at Origin” Contest is Coming to Paris


In July this year, the French non-profit organization for stabilizing the value of agricultural products (AVPA) will hold the award ceremony for the 9th annual “Coffees Roasted at Origin” contest. This is a contest. exclusively for coffees roasted in coffee producing countries, in order to encourage these countries to develop roasting skills, increase added value for products, reduce dependence on export markets. raw material export. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to find out about this contest right away!


Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA)


The Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA) is a French non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to stabilizing the value of agricultural products, founded in 2005, and chaired by Philippe Juglar. The organization currently has around 1000 members mainly consisting of producers (over 50 countries) and taste enthusiasts worldwide.

The objective of the organization is to raise the value of high quality agricultural products in areas such as coffee, tea, honey, cooking oil, pepper, spices and flavorings, and at the same time to recognize and propagate them. the efforts of farmers, producers to global consumers. Every year, AVPA organizes competitions to evaluate the quality of agricultural products to honor the best agricultural products, encouraging the diversification and enrichment of their products on the market. In addition, the organization also supports small-scale producers and agricultural cooperatives in improving quality and accessing international markets to create commercial opportunities for them.


The 9th Coffees Roasted at Origin Contest


AVPA’s 9th Coffees Roasted at Origin Contest is an international event solely for coffees roasted in coffee-producing countries. This honors high-quality coffee products and encourages local roasting. This is an opportunity for producers to promote their products while also improving consumer awareness of the special organoleptic properties of coffees achieved when this coffee is grown by producers. properly roasted.

Coffees Roasted at Origin lần thứ 9


What do manufacturers need to do to participate?


Coffees Roasted at Origin is a competition only for coffee roasters in producing countries. Any manufacturer in the world can enter the contest. However, contestants must meet the following criteria:

– Ensure that the origin and geographical information of the type of coffee provided to the Organizer must be transparent and accurate.

– Proof that the roasting was done on the farm where the coffee was grown, directly responsible for the roasting facility selected by the producer, or certification that the roasting was done in the province or country where coffee is harvested

– Must be the owner of the trademark or coffee name featured in the contest

When meeting the above criteria, the producer participating in Coffees Roasted at Origin also needs:

– Update contribution fee and participation cost

– Fill out the registration form here

– Send the necessary samples according to the required conditions in the prescribed time

* Producers participating in the 9th AVPA Coffees Roasted at Origin Contest must register before June 20, 2023

* Results will be announced during the Awards Ceremony in July 2023 in Paris, France.


Types of participating coffee


Coffees Roasted at Origin is for three types of coffee:

Real estate coffee: This is coffee from a single estate, roasted where they are harvested or at the hands of the local farmers.
Regional Coffee: Coffee roasted by a roaster in the region (province/city) producing the participating coffee.
National Coffee: This coffee is roasted by a business roaster, based in the country where the coffee is produced.

These types of coffee will be divided in two ways: brewing directly in the filter and Espresso to conduct tasting, evaluation and scoring to find the best coffee.

Coffees Roasted at Origin lần thứ 9




The AVPA jury is expected to have six to twelve members. The team consists of coffee experts, culinary experts and “savvy consumers”. In which, there will be at least 3 members as “Technical Committee”  to participate in the classification of coffee batches and ensure this stage is intuitive and fair.

You can learn more about this contest at

If you are interested in this contest, register now and don’t forget to follow 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover useful information as well as new and special flavors of coffee!

Source: avpa

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