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SCA Coffee Diploma will be phased out in 2024


The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has just decided to eliminate the SCA Coffee Diploma and gradually replace it with new SCA Skills Diplomas starting in 2024. With these new certificates, coffee enthusiasts can easily orient and develop their careers more clearly. Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster now!


SCA cancels the Coffee Certificate and replaces it with the SCA Skills Certificate


Previously, the SCA Coffee Diploma, also known as the 100-point Coffee Certificate, was reserved for the Coffee Skills Program (CSP). It is awarded to those who score 100 points or more in CPS courses. In particular, each course corresponds to a point value according to levels such as Introduction to Coffee = 10 points, Foundation = 5 points, Intermediate = 10 points. and Professional = 25 points.

However, from 2024 onwards, SCA will stop issuing this type of certificate and replace it with the SCA Skills Diploma. Those eligible for the old Coffee Certificate can apply and receive their diploma through December 31, 2023. Its value is still recognized and honored by the Specialty Coffee Association commensurate with its achievements.

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4 new SCA skill certification types


The new SCA Skills Certification includes four certifications related to different skills. Each certificate has basic to advanced courses related to SCA’s three core coffee certificate programs such as Coffee Skills; Sustainable Coffee and Coffee Technicians. The four new Skills Certificates are:

1. SCA Café Certificate – The certificate provides in-depth training courses on leadership abilities in building and promoting specialty coffee experiences. At the same time, it provides communication skills and shares with customers and colleagues about the retailer’s role in promoting a sustainable coffee industry.

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2. SCA Roasting Certificate – Includes training programs on developing, producing and ensuring quality of roasted coffee. The certificate also helps students increase their ability to convey messages to everyone about the role of roasters in the sustainable supply chain of the coffee industry.

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3. SCA Coffee Trade Certificate – Designed to improve students’ knowledge and proficiency in handling, evaluating and trading green coffee beans. In addition, the trade certificate also includes content to help students connect and expand relationships with partners and customers in the chain, thereby contributing to promoting a strong coffee future.

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4. SCA Sustainable Coffee Certificate – The certificate is designed to provide students with skills in developing and implementing best practices related to sustainability science relevant to the field coffee. The program will provide special projects to help students apply knowledge and skills in different areas of the supply chain.

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Four types of Coffee Skills certifications SCA is a skills-based training program designed specifically for coffee professionals to achieve more success in their careers, while contributing to advancement and development of the specialty coffee industry. If you want to become a coffee expert or professional barista, register now!

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