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Liberica Coffee – Attractive from the complexity of flavor and development origin


Liberica coffee is the top 3 most popular coffee in the coffee world after Arabica and Robusta. This coffee variety accounts for about 2% of coffee consumed worldwide and is especially popular in the Philippines. Compared to other varieties, Liberica is considered by coffee experts to be quite mysterious and has unique and interesting attributes. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover the origin and flavor characteristics of this type of coffee!


Liberica coffee originates in Africa but is famous in Asia


Liberica coffee has a rather ups and downs and complicated history. Liberica is said to be a native plant in the tropical regions of West and Central Africa. Although it had been commercialized since the early 1800s, it was in the 1870s that Liberica began to gain popularity in upper West Africa. After that, this type of coffee directly jumped to areas in South Asia and Southeast Asia. At that time, Liberica was introduced as an excellent substitute for Arabica that was being destroyed by the rust epidemic and was grown in the provinces of Batangas and Cavite in the Philippines, which were then American colonies. Until the Philippines gained independence after World War II, Liberica enjoyed worldwide success. However, after a few incidents from the United States’ restrictive policies, Liberica production in the Philippines declined, causing Arabica to regain its position. After the 1950s when the US ban was lifted, Liberica coffee growing entered a recovery phase. Today, the Philippines remains the world’s largest producer of Liberica.

Cà phê Liberica

Liberica coffee is said to be a native plant in the tropical regions of West and Central Africa


Liberica coffee flavor profile is strong and “masculine”


The flavor profile of Liberica coffee is as distinctive as its development history. The aroma is characteristic of chestnut, smoke with layers of flavor like dark chocolate. The overall taste tends to be strong, highlighting a rich, heavy, almost earthy or strong liquid tobacco flavor. Because of this characteristic,  coffee farmers in the Philippines often call Liberica “Kape Barako”, which roughly translates as “Manly Coffee”.

It feels as dark as dark chocolate but the Liberica taste is very less bitter and comes with a floral and spicy scent. The aftertaste of coffee is also stronger and clearer than other types. Many people love this coffee bean because Liberica is not as bitter as Arabica or Robusta and has attractive flavors. But because of this special flavor, not everyone loves it. Furthermore, some experiencers said,  during the roasting process, Liberica emits a strong durian smell. If users are not familiar with the aroma of durian, users may evaluate the taste of Liberica negatively.

Cà phê Liberica

Liberica coffee’s flavor is chestnut-like, smoky with layers of dark chocolate-like flavor

Liberica coffee is a special factor that increases the diversity of the coffee world. With its unique and different qualities, Liberica occupies a unique position in the perception of coffee enthusiasts. Not to mention, Liberica is also known for its rarity. Limited supply means consumers have to pay a very high price, but in return the flavor is often worth it. If you love new flavors, visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to enjoy specialty coffee.

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