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Coffee bag recycling – Project from sustainability improvement partnership between GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA


The coffee bag recycling solution is a plan created by the cooperation of GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA. With the goal of minimizing environmental impact, the two businesses implement a plan to collect and recycle packaging across the United States. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to find out this solution!


A few words about the partnership between GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA


Grainpro is a company specializing in providing safe, optimal packaging for packaging coffee and agricultural products. Recently, Grainpro announced the establishment of a cooperative relationship with Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) – a global green coffee service group operating in value chain fields including import, export, and milling. , services and farms. The partnership is built to reduce the environmental impact of coffee in communities across the United States. The two plan to provide buyers with solutions for using and recycling GrainPro Sealed Bags and other coffee bags in an easy and environmentally friendly way.

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GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA cooperate to build a coffee bag recycling project


GrainPro coffee bag recycling results from its goal of improving sustainability


After linking up, through common goals and establishing a partnership, GrainPro Inc. and Neumann Gruppe USA launches Grainpro coffee bag recycling solution across the United States. Specifically, packaging collection warehouses are located at Continental Terminals warehouses. Through this, US-based roasters can send used packaging to Continental Terminals via delivery service (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. or personal delivery). Here, the packaging will be transferred to a special recycling facility to create new products. In this way, the life cycle of packaging can be increased, reducing the amount of plastic waste released into the environment, while enhancing the community’s sense of responsibility for sustainable development.

The coffee bag recycling project encourages users to collect used packaging to reduce waste

According to experts, this solution seems to be just a small action in a certain area but has the potential to have a huge impact on the industry. It is estimated that the US market consumes up to 1.6 billion pounds of coffee each year, equivalent to more than 12 million 60kg bags of green coffee. This recycling solution has the potential to limit the 12 million coffee bags released into the environment each year. Although this number is not significant, it is an important first step on the industry’s path towards sustainability. According to Neumann Gruppe USA’s expectations, this plan may expand throughout Europe and possibly beyond.

Video about coffee bag recycling project

With the coffee bag recycling project, GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA expect coffee roasters to be aware and increase their commitment to the environment. As a coffee business, XLIII Coffee – the brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, is always concerned about the journey towards sustainability for the present and the future. We are always working to improve sustainability and explore industry-wide approaches and collaborations to protect the consistency of product quality and limit environmental impact. XLIII Coffee packaging used throughout the trading and supply system always ensures safety standards, high applicability and recyclability. At the same time, we always take full advantage of the features of packaging, use and handle waste optimally. If you want to help protect the environment, support XLIII Coffee’s sustainable specialty coffee products!

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