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How to brew coffee with an Origami coffee brewer at home and important notes


Enjoying coffee with an Origami coffee brewer is like relaxing in an artistic space full of wonderful flavors. Because not only does it have a unique and eye-catching design, this type of brewing coffee brewer also produces extracts with higher purity, acidity and sweetness than conventional equipment. The evidence is that it is said to be an important reason for the victory of 2019 World Brewers Cup champion Du Jianing. So how to brew coffee with an Origami coffee brewer? Explore with XLIII Coffee!


Some unique features of the Origami coffee brewer


The Origami Hopper is a cone-shaped coffee maker similar to the Hario V60. However, Origami has its own unique characteristics including the materials used and groove design. The coffee brewer is handcrafted from traditional Japanese Mino porcelain with a history of over 400 years. This material is thin, durable, and has stable heat conductivity, giving the device the ability to retain heat evenly and consistently while also helping with better flow speed, increasing the sweetness and fruity flavor of a cup of coffee. In addition, the Origami coffee brewer has 20 folding grooves and a wider mouth and bottom opening than conventional V60 coffee brewers. This helps Origami’s flow speed be faster than V60 and can simultaneously use both types of paper: V60 paper and Kalita wave flat bottom paper.

cách pha cà phê với phễu Origami

The Origami coffee brewer is handcrafted from traditional Japanese Mino porcelain


Simple and delicious methods for brewing coffee with an Origami coffee brewer


With a smart folding groove design and a special width for the mouth and bottom of the funnel, the Origami coffee funnel allows flexibility in many brewing methods and filter paper types. Depending on how the variables, materials, and supporting equipment are controlled in each method, users can produce different results. You can refer to the recipe for making coffee with an Origami funnel according to Sherry – World Brewers Cup 2022 Champion:

– Prepare:

+ Brewing tools include a gooseneck kettle, Origami brewing funnel, filter paper, and thermos.

+ Water temperature: 93°C (200°F)

+ Coffee amount: 18g

+ Coffee ratio: 1:15

– How to mix: Set a timer, monitor the scale, and pour water into the funnel in three stages:

+ First time: Slowly pour 60g of hot water into the funnel, making circular movements around the edge of the filter

+ Second time: set timer at 00:00:20, pour 140g of water in a circular motion around the rim again

+ Third pouring: from 00:00:50 to 00:01:00, pour water in the middle until it reaches 270g. The total maximum mixing time must be within 2 minutes.

cách pha cà phê với phễu Origami

The Origami coffee brewer allows flexibility in many brewing methods and filter paper types


Notes when brewing coffee with an Origami coffee brewer for beginners


Although the design is simple and features are optimized to make it easy for users to have a delicious cup of coffee, experts still have some notes for beginners. First, when you are new, you should use the Origami Air kit with a paper filter with a flat bottom. The device is made from acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer or AS resin. This choice will make it easier for you to create a delicious and consistent coffee with balanced sweetness and brighter acidity. Besides, during the mixing process, you must always control the faster flow rate. Because the Origami coffee maker works better with a fast flow rate. You can also use a finer grind size to increase the extraction level and easily increase the dosage for larger batches. As you get more familiar and have better control, you can change the type of Origami and experiment with changing some variables and different types of coffee.

cách pha cà phê với phễu Origami

Control the flow rate faster when making Origami coffee

Through this, you can pocket additional notes and methods to conduct experiments with Origami coffee brewers. If you are looking for new, quality specialty coffee beans, choose coffee beans from XLIII Coffee – A brand developed by 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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