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Is Ninety Plus the ambition or commitment of specialty coffee SCA 90+?




SCA and specialty coffee 90+ are the brightest terms with the most influence in the global coffee industry. And coffee only when reaches 80 points or more is considered specialty coffee, and if it is above 90, it is premium. So, being one of the pioneer farms in specialty coffee production – “Specialty tycoon” with the above Ninety Plus (90+) is an ambition or commitment to the brand’s quality. Let’s solve this question with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


SCA and the global standard for quality


SCA Standards


Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) – The international specialty coffee association is an amalgamation of two American Specialty Coffee Associations (SCAA) and the European Specialty Coffee Association (SCAE). With a mission to inspire and connect the coffee community while elevating and expanding the specialty coffee industry to benefit the entire coffee supply chain from farmers, roasters, baristas,… With over 10,000 experts from all positions, SCA has become an extremely prestigious organization for quality assessment in the global coffee industry.

The coffee quality grading process at SCA is rigorous and based on many strict standards. Coffee has to go through evaluations for taste and the quality of the beans when they are not pre-processed, roasted, or ground. SCA Cupping From is the standardization that professional coffee appraisers (Q Grader) use to evaluate the quality of flavors for Arabia. This template was developed by expert Willem Boot based on the ten most comprehensive aspects of the essential coffee characteristics: Fragrance/Aroma, Flavor, and Aftertaste, Acidity, Body, Balance, Uniformity, Clean Cup, Sweetness, Defects, and Overall ( Overall).

SCA Score System


The specialty of specialty coffee 90+


With the standards, the rigorous and meticulous scoring system SCA also divides the rating scale to separate the milestones to distinguish the attraction of the top floor SCA 90+ clearly:
Below 80 points: None
From 80 – 84.99 points: Very good
From 85 – 89.99 points: Excellent
From 90 to 100 points: Outstanding

As can be seen, coffee that goes through these processes and reaches 80/100 points or more deserves the title of specialty coffee, which must converge all the quintessence of heaven and earth and investment and care. Getting 80 is excellent and rare, but going over 90 is a premium touch point that any professional dreams of.

Ninety Plus Coffee - Gesha Coffee


90+ scored specialty coffee at Ninety Plus


Does Ninety Plus coffee all have a 90+ SCA score?


Does Ninety Plus coffee all have a 90+ SCA score?
Ninety Plus is a famous brand in the specialty coffee village with a domestic and international Brewer’s Cup collection. Limited to only Mixed Heirloom and Ethiopian heirloom Gesha, coffee lovers warmly receive any Ninety Plus coffee.

Not only loved for their reputation and unique taste but Mixed Heirloom and Gesha here are also all 90+ specialty coffees. The most prominent ones can be mentioned as the first Ninety Plus coffees, such as Lycello Gesha, which has helped the brand win 5 World Brewer’s Cup titles in the past six years, and Nekisse Mixed Heirloom with 97 points for the first time. Or most recently February 2023, Ninety Plus Batches #22295 and #22368 won the highest 2 cups in the Greek Brewers Cup.

Ninety Plus Coffee - Gesha Coffee


How Ninety Plus makes specialty coffee 90+


“Full” 90+ specialty coffee set seems like a dream, but it is obvious and is the signature of Ninety Plus. The “90+” brand has opened a new door for the world’s coffee-loving community. Loyal to the mission of specialty coffee, Ninety Plus not only strictly adheres to the standards of organizations such as SCA, ICO, and WCR but also is always loyal to its mission.


Elevate the taste


To ensure 90+ specialty coffees, Ninety Plus has selected a long-standing unique Ethiopian-flavored coffee variety for cultivation and development. Along with choosing methods to improve the quality of soil and water sources, the brand promotes investment in processing technology to diversify flavors and enhance flavors stronger and higher.

Ninety Plus Coffee - Gesha Coffee


Human Development


Ninety Plus brand is also active in training and developing the coffee production team of the future, paying better salaries, and providing educational and inspirational lifestyles in craftsmanship and management. Nature Domestication of wild coffee species becomes valuable to the farmer, so the extracted flavor is always imbued with passionate love.

Ninety Plus Coffee - Gesha Coffee


Ecosystem conservation


Specialty and sustainability have always been the founder’s guidelines when launching Ninety Plus. Joseph Brodsky has always invested in nature by guiding farmers to conserve and grow shade-loving coffee varieties like coffee packaged with 100% recyclable/biodegradable materials in small retail and bulk packs. 90+ accepts average yields for complete quintessence and a positive carbon reduction and biodiversity impact.

Ninety Plus Coffee - Gesha Coffee


The meaning of 90+ Specialty Coffee for each person will differ, but there is no denying that coffee with cupping 90 points or more is truly enchanting. Not only because the journey can be said to be like a carp crossing a magical and profound dance. Lucky to be a partner of Ninety Plus, 43 Factory wishes to share this special thing through the whole and pure specialty glasses of Kemgin, Lycello SCA 90+. Come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience these great values from Ninety Plus’s coffee!

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