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Kemgin coffee flavor through each layer of heat




The taste of Kemgin coffee from Ninety Plus is a miracle that makes fans fall in love and want to learn more. Each layer of complex interwoven incense seems to open Barú hills, wild and sharp Panama before our eyes. Of course, what makes Kemgin coffee beans special is the magical transformation between the layers of flavor. Just drunk, it seems soaked with orange, lemon, and jasmine tea, but after a while, it smells like Ginger and warm honey. Let’s join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover each layer imbued with the flavor of the growing region of the precious Kemgin coffee!


Nature brings diversity to the taste of Kemgin coffee


Kemgin coffee flavor gathers the essence of life in mother nature. Behind the sturdy eggplant from the cultivation process at Ninety Plus is the natural beauty of the roots, mountains, and trees in the Barú plateau. With every sip of coffee, we can feel the wild, windy, and sunny nature spreading before our eyes. It is the pure, fresh, pristine beauty of the western Ethiopian town of Nekmpte, where the origin of the Gesha and Ginger (Ginger) is warm, with the fresh, gentle bar of each fruit layer. Contexture. If you want to challenge your taste buds, why not immediately try a cup of Kemgin coffee?

Kemgin - specialty coffee


The cup notes of Kemgin Gesha change rhythmically according to the thermal layers


Like a young girl full of energy with a pure soul, Kemgin is ever-changing but with various notes. Over time, the temperature of the coffee cup changes, and the Kemgin flavor gradually enters the flavor playing field. Every note shows the beauty of Gesha coffee in the highlands of Panama, effortlessly captivating people’s hearts.


Hot thick body with rich floral flavors


Few people can refuse a glass of hot Kemgin at the first touch as soon as the taste of Kemgin envelops the mouth because of its sophistication, complexity, and deep aftertaste. When served hot, the Kemgin flavor is excellent. A little sweetness of lemon blossom at the tip of a branch, a little sweetness of jasmine tea, and a slight sweetness of honey will make us unable to stop thinking about it. The gentle flavor glides over and seduces the user with a delicious fresh orange scent that lingers on the palate.

Kemgin - specialty coffee


Fruity when used warm


After a few minutes, the Kemgin flavor suddenly became intense when the heat dissipated. At this time, the lemon flower has spread the inherent sour taste mixed with a strong orange flavor. But not only the taste of this berry, but Kemgin from Ninety Plus is also warm and much more decadent. We can see a lot of fruit flavors, and the aroma of juicy nectarines spreads on the tip of the nose and then is balanced intact.


The gentle taste of Ginger and apricot with ice cream


At high-temperature levels, the flavor of Kemgin coffee is sharp and strong with fruit flavors, while cold Kemgin is calm and prosperous. The taste of cold Kemgin is imbued with red apricots on a warm, elegant ginger and herb background. The long, harmonious aftertaste draws people into the natural world surrounded by giant forests and towering rock peaks, full of majesty.

Kemgin - specialty coffee


The taste of Kemgin sent to the growing region


Kemgin is special because this is a type of Ninety Plus Ascent coffee grown in Panama. The flavors of Kemgin are enhanced by the fertile Barú volcanic ash and imbued with a breath of pristine beauty from the waterfall, atmosphere, or stone pillars etched with its well-preserved pre-Colombian imprint. Therefore, the new Kemgin flavor is so complete in each temperature layer. It is rich, delicate, and elegant because this is the very essence of where Kemgin sprouts and grows.

Not only that, the taste of Kemgin coffee is as solid and straightforward as the people who wholeheartedly nurture it. Strong, hardworking people with a heart passionate about sustainable coffee and concern about forest conservation have given Kemgin layers of flavors of understanding and heartwarming recipients.

Kemgin - specialty coffee

Crystallized by the original passion of farmers and the Panamanian sky, Kemgin’s taste is clean, lively and novel. Previously, Kemgin of Ninety Plus was grown in Wellega, Sidama, and Yirgacheffe; later, Kemgin was favored to develop in the fertile Piedra Candela land with an altitude of 1,200m – 1,550m. Enjoy and feel the subtle vibrancy of the floral, lemongrass, and Ginger scents of this Panama Kemgin.



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