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Original Coffee – Meaning of Sustainability

Original coffee is known as Single Origin, or local coffee. Basically, we can understand it is coffee from a harvest, a species of coffee, that comes from a specific farm in a specific growing area. Such information is always displayed on the packaging, but that is never the most detailed description.


What makes original coffee different?


The most important thing about Specialty Coffee is traceability, the ability to know exactly where your cup of coffee comes from. Many people love Specialty coffee because it has a distinctive flavor of the growing region. More specifically, the way nature and the atmosphere in the growing area.

When you taste coffee from a specific growing region, you will have a deeper understanding of the specific flavor and aftertaste of that region.


Original coffee has unique flavor


Original coffee is very different when compared to other coffees. It is difficult for you to confuse coffee from different growing regions. Assume Las Moneritas coffee beans from Nicaragua in Central America will have a strong chocolate flavor with fruit flavors of Pomegranate and Raspberry. While Rwanda’s Kinini Microlot  will have a fragrant floral aroma with the refreshing acidity of lemon.


Meaning and responsibility of original coffee


The original Specialty coffee beans not only represent the characteristics of the growing region, but also embody the culture, environment, and people of that area.

Cà phê Specialty Đà Nẵng

43 Factory Coffee Roaster supplies Arabica beans from different farms around the world. Our coffee bags come not only from a country or region but from cooperatives or individual growing regions. This allows the inherent flavor qualities of the coffee beans to really shine through.

When you choose original coffee from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, you are helping farmers build a better quality of life for their families and communities, motivating them to focus on growing coffee beans. High quality throughout. Sustainable and ethical originality is what brings us closer to a more civilized development.

Cà phê Specialty Đà Nẵng

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