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Delicate taste of Guatemala coffee

Have you ever tried a coffee with a subtle sour taste like Guatemala coffee? If not, you should give it a try! But before that, let’s find out a few more interesting facts about this coffee as well as the subtle values it brings.


Overview of Guatemala coffee


Guatemala coffee

Guatemala coffee

The name Guatemala coffee originates from the place where it is grown, which is the country of Guatemala. This place has an extremely diverse climate, with a lot of rain, especially the soil here is extremely rich, creating many different coffee flavors.

Coffee grown in Guatemala is usually wet-processed, and has a variety of flavors depending on the processing method. But when enjoying, it will highlight the delicate and gentle sour taste, thick body.

Coffee harvest season is around December to April next year. Each year Guatemala produces 225,712 tons and exports up to 199,972 tons, accounting for about 2.3% of the world’s coffee. This is the second largest coffee producing country in Central America (after Honduras).


The main coffee growing regions in Guatemala


Guatemala coffee

Coffee growing regions in Guatemala

According to the Guatemala Coffee Association, there are 8 main coffee growing regions




This was the first coffee production area in Guatemala. Coming to Antigua, you will enjoy a complex coffee flavor made from synthetic spices with a slight cocoa flavor.

The study of the Guatemalan typica on quality shows that: Antigua coffee has a full body plus a very rich spicy taste. More specifically, the land of coffee in Antigua is a valley surrounded by 3 volcanoes. This creates the special flavor of this coffee. This is a type of coffee that retains its original unique flavor even when thoroughly roasted.




Cobalt is a coffee variety grown in the north-central part of Guatemala. Grown in places with lots of rain and high humidity. This variety embodies the qualities of typical Guatemala including excellent physicality, rich flavors, spice flavors plus aromas of many fruits and wines.




Huehuetenango is a high mountain range in Guatemala. Coffee here has a gentle and deep tropical fruit flavor. The taste is considered light, delicate but complex and extremely interesting.

Huehuetenango has a bright body like butter, a sweet aroma, and always leaves a lingering aftertaste for people to enjoy. When lightly roasted, you can easily feel the fruity flavor of Huehuetenango, but when it is darker, it will give cocoa and dark chocolate flavors.


Core values and mission of Guatemalan coffee


Guatemala coffee

Each cup of Guatemalan coffee has a different unique taste, precisely because in them there is a story of its own. But they all have a love for heaven and earth, the climate and the people of Guatemala.
The mission of Guatemalan coffee is to bring the taste of homegrown coffee to all coffee lovers in the world. And they feel the delicate sour taste and sweet aroma.

That is also the effort of coffee growers, the dedication day and night to produce the best quality and most delicious coffee beans.


Some famous coffee varieties of Guatemala


The two most prominent coffee varieties are Typica and Bourbon




Typica is considered the world’s first coffee variety discovered in Ethiopia. This is also the premise coffee variety to breed other coffee varieties later. This coffee variety has a low yield but produces high-quality coffee beans.

Typica coffee beans have an outstanding sour taste, mild bitterness and leave a sweet aftertaste for people to enjoy.

Guatemala coffee

Typica coffee




In 1860, Bourbon coffee was introduced into Central American countries to grow, especially in Guatemala. This coffee variety is known as the queen of coffees. It is also because of the extremely luxurious and noble Bourbon fragrance. When enjoying, you will feel the passionate aroma mixed with a little sour, very elegant but stylish.

Bourbon coffee has a very high yield compared to other types of coffee in the same line. Therefore, it is being invested and used in many different fields.


Delicate sour taste of Guatemalan coffee


Guatemala coffee in 43 Factory

It can be seen that you will be extremely impressed with the delicate and gentle sour taste that Guatemalan coffee brings. This sour taste comes from fruits, giving you a fresh, new feeling like never before.

In addition, in the process of processing coffee, they are added to the water to be cleaned, soaked, and peeled. This will affect the fermentation of the coffee. This is a wonderful fruit yeast that contributes to the acidity of Guatemalan coffee.

You can also enjoy the subtle sourness of Guatemalan coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. Each stage to create a cup of coffee is carefully and meticulously prepared by us. Quality coffee beans from the land of Guatemala are carefully selected, expertly prepared. Come here and experience this special coffee.

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