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Surma Coffee – The quintessence of Bench Maji Ethiopia


Surma coffee is a type of Gesha in the Ethiopian wilderness. After being brought to the westernmost Bench Maj, this wild-growing coffee is like a raw gem to be honed. Each fragrance, color and taste is full of purity and uniqueness from the origin and place of growth. It seems that nature Bench Maj has made an effort to crystallize the magical flavor of Surma to give to dedicated growers. Let’s explore the precious gift of this land with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.


Origin of Surma coffee


Origin of cultivated varieties

Surma coffee of the 1931 Gesha variety was discovered by the Gesha Village Coffee Estate expedition team in Ethiopian forest populations. After thorough research, the village of Gesha decided to choose Surma as one of the farms to develop this coffee.

cà phê surma

Curiously, living on the farm and being cared for by Aboriginal people, Gesha 1931 flourished and “copied paste” the whole character of the farm. Discovering this interesting thing, the people here took the name of the growing area to name it. Since then, the name Surma coffee is like a mark of love and favor of people and heaven and earth here for this unique coffee variety.

cà phê surma


The unspoiled beauty of the Surma growing area

Ethiopia is famous for its outstanding beauty of its wild nature. The East African country stretches on a plateau with an altitude of over 1,900m, suitable for rare coffee varieties to grow. The scenery here captivates people with the pristine nature of old forests, valleys, majestic waterfalls and endless rich flora and fauna. In particular, Southwest Ethiopia possesses eye-catching deep terrain patches and a different climate from the intersecting rivers and gorges. These have created an ideal living environment for premium coffees.

Surma is one of the 8 major farm blocks of Gesha Village Estate. Surma Coffee Farm is located in southwestern Ethiopia and is covered by wild, lush Bench Maji forests. Here, coffee trees enjoy the shelter of the forest, growing freely among the green sky. Moreover, Mother Nature also endowed Surma with fertile valleys and an altitude of up to 2,063m. This specialty makes Surma Bench Maji a paradise for rare Gesha varieties to create a unique, intense and charming fragrance.

cà phê surma


Surma coffee contains the beauty of the magnificent Bench Maji


Luminous hues are intensely clear


Surma coffee is a wild Ethiopian Gesha variety, so it has bright, gentle acidic properties. At Bench Maji Southwestern Farm, coffee trees are grown in land with special altitudes and climatic conditions, so the citric content is more clearly revealed. Moreover, Surma here is meticulously fermented naturally by farmers, dried for 60 hours in cold temperatures. Then the coffee beans are dried for 26 days in harsh sunlight. Therefore, Surma coffee has a perfect balance and delicate thickness. This wonder and the bright acidity make Surma coffee color explode like the waterfall of the Great Bench Maji. Brilliantly beautiful, different but pure and pure, the experiencer burst out with joy.

cà phê surma


Soft delicate Surma flavor


Gesha 1931 has the characteristic notes of flowers, black tea and a sweet and sour touch of berries. In each growing region, Gesha 1931 produces different unique flavors. This variety at Surma coffee farm stands out with the aroma of rose, jasmine and the clear sour taste of apricots. The floral fragrance is not strong but delicately soft like the lullaby of the southwest Ethiopian forest breeze. The charming gentle fragrance invites users to dig deeper. 

Taste and keep the coffee layer for a little while, you will suddenly receive the healthy sweetness of the fruit. Not the lychee or label taste like Lycello coffee, but the coolness of watermelon mixed with the sweet and sour taste of strawberries, peaches and delicate green apricots is very distinct. That flavor is soft, pure as Bench Maji nature has painstakingly added into Surma tomato seed fiber. Wait for a moment on the palate, the essence of heaven and earth in Surma will fully unleash the sweet essence. These essences are as rustic and pure as the land and people in which they grew up. Gentle but mesmerizing with a delicate jasmine aftertaste and earl tea, deeply holding the heart.

cà phê surma

It can be seen that Surma coffee also has unique flavors from the pristine growing area like many specialty coffees. However, the Southwest Bench Maji coffee is now very gentle and soft in a distinct way. This unique feature makes everyone enjoy it fascinated. If you want to experience the rustic yet sincere taste of East Africa, head to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

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