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Specialty Coffee brings out the experience of The third wave of coffee. These beans have gone with people over many revolutions, from the first wave to the second. Until now, coffee has defined itself in the life of civilization, helps raise incredible feelings and breakthrough. Let’s go deeper and discover this wave?



Specialty Coffee and the concept The third wave of Coffee are popular terms during the temporary years. You will listen to them whenever you step into a professional coffee shop. That happens too many times that you may see no difference between them. Do they both describe the development of the coffee industry? – a vague development.

So, let understand your Coldbrew properly and deeply, to help you see thousands of true values. Let’s look at the past, present, and future.


The third wave of coffee in the coffee industry represents a shift from an exchange paradigm to a value co-creation perspective, through which consumers adopt a more active/participatory role in the production and consumption process. Products are no longer appreciated only because of their intrinsic properties but also because of the experiences they promote. Customers are resource integrators promoting value co-creation with providers. Products embedded with utilities and traded based on their value-in-exchange give rise to experiences and individual perceptions that lead to value appropriation during product use (value-in-use).

In the third wave, cafeterias and producers adopt a closer relationship aimed at promoting differentiation in the value proposition for end-consumers.

The coffee value chain starts from the production of coffee beans to the ways of preparing and consuming of this popular drink. Coffee consumption started as ingestion of a simple and exotic stimulant drink; however, over the decades, coffee has become a much more complex drink that should be appreciated with attention to all its details.
The coexisting waves have different philosophies and priorities as well as offer different consumption experiences to distinct target consumers. The first wave is characterized by poorer quality coffee, which is the result of an exponential increase in consumption associated with commoditized production processes and commercialization focused on large-scale distribution.

The second wave is characterized by the introduction of higher quality coffees, such as specialty coffees, and coffees of controlled production origins. There was the dissemination of coffee consumption in specialized coffee shops. Starbucks became the icon of this movement in the United States, and Fran’s Café can be considered similarly in São Paulo, Brazil. Both offer quality service and products in an enjoyable, standardized environment. At home, customers started to drink coffee from coffee capsules with a significant increase in quality. Nespresso started this movement, and, when the patent expired, there was a propagation of producers focused on better quality coffee.

The third wave represents a revolution in specialty coffee consumption through changes in product differentiation and consumption experience. In the third wave, coffee is considered an artisanal product as complex as wine. Coffee became differentiated by numerous attributes. In the value chain, there is an observed attempt toward approximation between producers and end-consumers. The differentiation goes beyond a superior quality coffee bean and includes limited availability (“microlotes”), specialty varieties, coffee origin and growers’ historical methods of harvest and preparation, and environmental and social concerns.


Coffee is assessed by the Coffee Association. With a score above 60, it will be considered commercial-grad. With products above 80 points, qualified coffee beans become Specialty Coffee. You can find more details here.

Therefore, Specialty coffee is not the 3rd Coffee Wave. In fact, Specialty appeared at the 3nd revolution of coffee. In other words, Specialty coffee is a product, through which customers could get in touch with farmers and understand values in a cup of coffee. Whereas the 3rd Coffee Wave is a mindset, ideology, and experience. Specialty Coffee, through the quality of aromatic coffee, will contribute to the experience of the 3rd Coffee Wave and a future of emotion and breakthrough.

The baristas, through the coffee he brings to his customers, will tell stories about the farmers, their lives in the remote areas on the hills that are full of sunshine, their love for these trees. The baristas will whisper about the journey of the coffee beans, how they come to the customer and the role of the customer in the coffee supply chain and value chain.

At 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, Specialty coffee cups are a book for baristas to tell stories, a page for our dear friends to write your own ideas and thoughts, a pen for us to talk about the experience and true values.

Since then, there is a third wave of coffee rising in the space of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

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